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Samsung Members app is designed to help connect you with the right answers or the right person when your Samsung Galaxy device has a problem. The app has plenty of FAQs available to help you solve the issue. If it doesn't help, you can ask a one-on-one question for a "Galaxy Expert" to answer. It also offers methods for users to speak and gives them the chance to interact with other Galaxy users through the community section. Feedback options support reporting errors and suspicious activities. Key Features: Get more out of your Galaxy: Samsung Members app will unlock your Galaxy's full potential with exclusive content, diagnostics tools, and community support. Tap into powerful tools: you can check the methods of maximizing the performance of your device, and learn about how to optimize battery performance, storage usage, and other features. Connect with Samsung Members from a supportive community of: you can share experiences, tips, and tricks, discuss product features, and find your favorite topics in the community. Get the support that's convenient for you: Live Samsung experts are always there to offer help. More: Samsung Members includes a rewards program to let avid Galaxy fans and users to increase levels. The higher level means more benefits, like discounts and coupons, will be given. If you own a Galaxy S7 or Galaxy S7 edge in those countries UAE, Russia, Spain, or China, this app will be pre-installed on your device.



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