Nine of the world's most popular social software

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Nine of the world's most popular social software

Nowadays, social apps have become an indispensable tool for interpersonal communication in the new era, and social apps have become indispensable software for us to communicate with others in our work and life, and almost everyone who has access to the Internet cannot live without them. Because no one dares to say that he can take a day without looking at any social software.

Now look around the world, if you are living in other countries, want to make friends with foreign friends, you must use the more popular in the international social software, in a different Internet environment and what people are using chat software? Today, let's take a look at what are the nine most popular social networking apps in the world.

KiK messenger

KiK messenger is a "simple to use" cross-platform chat software. Once you install it, it checks the address book on your phone and tells you who has downloaded Kik. This was the feature that made Kik go viral. So with its early release and address book reading marketing techniques, KiK messenger has gained over 200 million users worldwide. It is said that this software also inspired Xiaomi and Tencent to develop MiChat and WeChat respectively, and the earliest netizens at that time called MiChat and WeChat "KiK-like software".


LINE is an instant messaging platform developed by LINE Corporation, a subsidiary of Z Holdings Corporation, and is well received in the Japanese, Korean and Southeast Asian markets. Line offers free high-quality calls anytime, anywhere with data traffic or wifi connection, as well as the ability to use special effects and filters for more fun during video calls. It is worth mentioning that Line has more than 250 types of "Chat Emoji Stickers", so you can use your own stickers, emojis, and send cuter messages, making Line a tool for expressing yourself in the way you want.

Kakao Talk

With 220 million registered users and 49 million monthly active users as of May 2017, Kakao Talk is mainly for the Korean market, with 95% of all smartphones in Korea loaded with it, and is being rolled out to more than 200 countries worldwide in 12 languages. It is currently the largest and most popular communication software in the Republic of Korea.

Users can make free calls and send messages over the Internet, as well as send messages and photos one-on-one or in groups, and there is no limit to the number of people in a group. Kakao Talk is called "Korean WeChat" by Chinese fans because of its similarity to WeChat in terms of basic functions.


Skype provides video and voice calls over the Internet to computers, tablets and mobile devices with other connected devices or traditional phones/smartphones. Skype also allows users to send and receive instant messaging messages, transfer files, send and receive multimedia messages, while adding their own cross-border stored-value phone and powerful video capabilities. Skype can also voice and video in addition to online chatting, and its biggest function is to bind the phone to facilitate contact with companions. If you want to call guests and friends in faraway countries, you may want to try Skype, but you need to buy a rechargeable card before you can use it, but this software is also the first choice of many large companies conference calls and video interviews.


The speed of WeChat's development is a myth in the global Internet, within 10 years WeChat's user base has exceeded one billion. WeChat has grown from the initial chat to the public, wallet, and applets, and users can share text, pictures, and stickers with their friends through the client. It also supports group chat and voice, video messaging, broadcast (one-to-many) messaging, photo/video sharing, location sharing, messaging, WeChat Payments, WeChat Money, games, and more. Location-based social plugins "Shake", "Friend Finder" and "Nearby" to quickly add friends.

WeChat supports multiple languages, as well as mobile data networks. Users can take a photo or video to send to their "Friend Circle". Users can select contacts from the contact list and use cloud-based services to back up and restore data to protect their contacts.

WeChat also includes subscription, service, and enterprise numbers, allowing users to subscribe to their favorite public numbers and providing a good platform for self-publishing, where everyone can apply for a personal subscription number to publish personal articles, etc. Users can subscribe or search for articles from WeChat public numbers. WeChat has played an important role in the popularization of the Internet in China.


WhatsApp was released in 2009 when smartphones were just getting started, and relying on a large number of features developed for the needs of mobile users, WhatsApp has slowly built up its user base.

Today, WhatsAPP is still the most used family contact worldwide. It uses the internet to send text messages and can use the contact information in your smartphone to find contacts who also use the app. In addition to texting, it can also send pictures, recordings, videos, the user's location and contact information. It is simple, reliable and private, so you can easily keep in touch with friends and family.


Twitter has more than 336 million active users, who post approximately 340 million tweets per day, and the system handles more than 1.6 billion web search queries per day. Since its launch, Twitter has become one of the top 10 most used sites on the Internet and is known as the "Internet SMS". Twitter, known as Twitter in Chinese, uses wireless networks and communication technology for instant messaging, a typical application of micro-blogging. It is quick and easy to use, and allows users to update messages of up to 280 characters (140 in Chinese, Japanese and Korean), which are also called "Tweets".


LinkedIn is a professional social networking service. The main update is the information about each company and business activities will be automatically generated and brought into the electronic business card after the user completes the registration, specifically for business people, it is the originator of online resume with community function. Not only can job seekers update their résumés on the platform, but companies or employers can also post jobs.

LinkedIn is the world's largest workplace social networking platform, but as of February 2021, it has 740 million registered members from 150 countries and territories. Today, under the leadership of Ryan Roslansky, LinkedIn has a diversified business model with revenues from paid accounts, advertising, and recruiting solutions that can help you find career information for your target audience at a professional level. If you are looking for a job in the United States, you must have a LinkedIn account.


Viber is a cross-platform VoIP and instant messaging software for smartphones, Viber is the free, easy, fast and most secure messaging and calling application. The messenger of choice for over 1 billion users worldwide! It features the ability to use online voice, video, text messaging, photo sharing, stickers or GIFs, videos or any other file directly from your phone number without having to register and sign in. The most popular country where Viber is used is Thailand, and it is known as the "national software" of Thailand.

The above social software for reference and software ranking is not the current ranking order, the so-called ranking is only a personal preference and some more credible data to rank, so there are many good international social software, as long as it suits you is the best.


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