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This makes a game that combines card and management elements, in which you will enjoy the different fun of both game elements!

Solitaire Grand Harvest offers players a variety of card games, with your favorite Klondike cards, pyramids, slot solitaire, and the classic Spider Solitaire. Different solitaires all have different ways to play, and these different ways to play will bring players more fun!

As you flip the solitaire, you will find that your crops and coins will grow. There are abundant levels in the game, and every time you complete a level, players will get gold coins from it. When you have enough coins, you can buy seeds, plant crops, and upgrade your house.

Players can also invite their friends to join the game and watch them farm their own farms, or deal them some cards! You can also take part in daily challenges and earn more rewards from them.

Game Highlights.

Cards and management elements combined in a unique gameplay.

A variety of card games with high playability.

Invite friends to increase interaction.

Rich level challenges.

Daily events with generous rewards.

Solitaire Grand Harvest is a card game for everyone with 3D cartoon graphics and unique gameplay that will provide players with an unforgettable gaming experience. You can use it on Android or IOS platform!


How to play

All the player needs to do in the game is to put the cards on the left and right side of the pile corresponding to the number of the first card turned over in the library, and so on. Each time a player moves a card back, the number of the turned over card in the deck will change to the number of the card that was moved back. If the cards in the pile can't meet the condition of moving back, players can click on the library to change the turned cards.

The system will evaluate the score according to the number of times the player has moved the cards back in a row. On the premise of not changing the opened cards in the library, the more cards players move back to the library at one time, the higher the score will be and the richer the reward will be.

When players encounter problems in the game, they can use game props to help themselves, such as universal cards, cards to change the library, etc. But these props need to be purchased by players to obtain, players can also get from the rewards obtained from participating in the activities.

The game uses the level system, and as the game progresses, the levels will become more and more difficult. In addition to the card game, players will also buy crops in the game and plant them on their land, and gradually expand the size of their land.


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