Genshin Impact open world, free exploration

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Genshin Impact open world, free exploration

Step into Teyvat, a fantasy world where the seven elements converge, a vast world full of life and elemental energy.

In the distant past, people were given the power to drive the elements through their faith in the gods and were able to build their homes in the wilderness.

Five hundred years ago, the ancient kingdoms were destroyed, but the world was transformed ......

Now, the disaster that swept the continent has stopped, but peace has not yet come as expected.

As the protagonist of the story, you have drifted from beyond the world and descended to the land. In this vast world, you will travel freely, meet your companions, and search for the seven gods who control the earthly elements, until you are reunited with your separated blood relatives!

Genshin Impact is an open-world adventure game, which means that from the moment you enter Teyvat, there is always a way to see new landscapes as long as you plan your physical strength, whether it is over mountains or across rivers. If you see wandering fairy spirits and strange devices, why not go up to explore and see if you are greeted with a surprise?

Real-time animation rendering and beautiful quality graphics

Genshin Impact is located in the free city-state in the northeast of Tivat.

Between the mountains and the vast plains, the wind of freedom blows across the fruit wine lake with the breath of dandelions, sending the blessings and bounty of Babatos, the god of wind, to the city of Munde, which is located on the island in the center of the lake. The art style is fresh and transparent, with real-time rendering of transitions and character movements through motion capture and meticulous adjustments, presenting a high-quality performance effect. The weather and music change dynamically as the day and night change around the clock, and no matter where you are, you can always listen to the world's top orchestras, such as the London Philharmonic Orchestra and Shanghai Symphony Orchestra, perform with regional characteristics. The stunning art style, real-time rendering and fine-tuned character animations are a treat for the eyes and provide a truly immersive visual experience. Lighting and weather change naturally over time so that every detail of Teyvat comes to life.

Commissioned missions to build adventure experience

Genshin Impact" can gain adventure experience by completing quests, daily commissions, upgrading the seven-day idol, exploring the treasure chest of the big world, and passing the secret world in order to upgrade the adventure level, and the quests are divided into Demon God quests, Legendary quests, Commissioned quests, and World quests. The Magic Quest is the main quest and the event quest, the Legend Quest is the character plot quest, the Commission Quest is the four daily commissions, and the World Quest is the quest triggered occasionally in the field. By accumulating adventure experience, you can improve your adventure level, you can get rewards, unlock plot missions, and open richer gameplay systems.

Elemental interaction, strategic battle is in this land where the elements meet, the world is composed of seven elements: wind, thunder, water, fire, ice, grass and rock, and characters with the "Eye of God" can channel the power of the elements for battle and adventure. Water and fire meet trigger "evaporation", fire and lightning cause "overload", lightning meets water additional "sense of electricity" ...... for different enemies, use skills to trigger the restraint of the elemental effects, is the key to victory.

Many partners, hand in hand adventure

In the journey of adventure, you can also meet partners with unique abilities, you may want to explore the best team match, use the materials collected during the journey to strengthen the character, and eventually the continent's magical creatures and secret places will be conquered by you. Standing on the top of the absolute clouds, cloudy, rainy and snowy, the clouds seem to be in front of you.

In Teyvat, the continent where the seven elements meet, everyone can become a god.

You have drifted from beyond the world and descended to the earth. In this vast world, you travel freely, meet companions, and search for the seven gods who control the earthly elements, until you are reunited with your separated blood relatives and witness the precipitation of all journeys at the end.

The sustainer is dying, the creator has not yet arrived. Faced with a situation beyond their control, humans will always lament their powerlessness ......

But at the steepest turn of life, if mortal longing reaches its extreme, the sight of the gods will be cast down.

When the lost twins are reunited in the dust and sand, and the mystery of the world is revealed in the "Eye of God" - Traveler, where will you go?


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