Magical Music Simulator!

BY 26 Sep,2022


    Magical Music Simulator!

  Music has become a part of people's lives and is an indispensable art form that plays a large part in healing moods and relieving fatigue. With the development of music in different cultures and societies, a variety of expressions have been produced, such as: violin, cello, erhu, pipa, piano, etc. Each instrument has its own unique sound characteristics, and different high and low tunes intermingle together to form beautiful music. Nowadays, beautiful music has penetrated into the game field, including game background sound and game effect sound, and there is even a class of music games that focus on simulating musical instruments.

  It is not difficult to find that in the major application stores can see the figure of such games, such as violin simulator, piano simulator, etc. This kind of music games in the enrichment of the type of game at the same time, but also for the majority of gamers to bring greater fun. Not to say that these games can accurately restore the sound of the instrument, but at least most of them do, after all, for a music simulator, the requirements can not be too harsh. In addition to the sound, most of these programs offer a teaching mode of play, which is to follow the instructions to play the music, both to meet the gameplay, but also does not let the players overwhelmed.

  Magic Tiles 3 is a combination of guitar, drums and especially piano puzzle game, in this game, players need to click on the falling squares, each piece is like a note, each click is a play, depending on the length of the squares, click on the music issued by different, large and small squares together to become a complete song. It may seem simple, but it also hides a challenging difficulty. As the time fades, the speed of the falling blocks will become faster and faster, and the fingers must speed up, missing any of the blocks will lead to the failure of the game. The essence of this game is to test the player's hand speed, the faster the reaction, the better the game will naturally play, in a way that playing the piano makes the whole process more interesting.

  In addition to the simple game mode, Magic Tiles 3 has a versus mode and a challenge mode. There is no doubt that the game will evolve into two and more multiplayer battles. Among the millions of players, you will meet a destined opponent, and the small and large squares will become your weapon to win the game, so who will be the winner in the end? In challenge mode, players can test their fastest speed and use this achievement to reach the top of the world.

  There are many games similar to Magic Tiles 3, and these games basically have a rich music library for players to find their favorite music, and they are also updated frequently with popular music to provide more game choices. Likewise, players can add their favorite music to the library.

  There are uncountable games of this type and they continue to be released, but no matter how vastly different the games are from each other, the fun they bring us is limitless. If you can't be an instrument master in real life, then you might as well become a music master in a music game.


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