Top 5 reasons why Genshin Impact is so popular among gamers?

BY 10 May,2021


Every good, great game has its unique appeal behind it to win the hearts of many players. genshin impact is a great game, an open-world action role-playing game with a fantasy theme, which was released on September 28, 2020 on Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 , Android and iOS platforms, and is scheduled for release on Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 5. It has also received generally positive reviews from the media, with reviews praising the game's combat mechanics and open-world freedom, making it one of the most popular new games. Its popularity doesn't seem to be going away anytime soon either, so what exactly is driving it forward?

1、Solid core gameplay

It, like many successful games, has found its uniqueness in the gameplay. The game's combat gameplay may seem simple, but the depth is unexpected. The game has several versions that players can try out, and there are several characters that can be added to the party.

Because the gameplay may remind players of the gacha game, Genshin Impact makes a few changes from that: players do not have access to all characters and weapons. For this reason, players must work around these limitations in clever and creative ways. Other important game features include cooking, alchemy and various combat pass challenges, and not even all relevant game features.

2、Frequent update versions

It is an inevitable thing that if a game is not updated, then it will lose many players. But as a Genshin Impact player is very lucky, because it has been able to update in time. Compared to Mondstadt's Windblume festival, what has happened recently is significantly different from the updates that introduced Dragonspine in Genshin Impact. The quality and quantity of these updates has helped maintain a steady number of players.

Sometimes there are new quests, locations to explore and activities (but in a way they can be radically different from the usual gameplay). As a result, Genshin Impact will never be out of date.

3、Multiple roles for players to choose

The variety of characters will make the game more layered and not too monotonous. So compared to other games, the dozens of playable characters in Genshin Impact can add some fun to the core gameplay and how players approach specific obstacles accordingly. Of course you can also choose the same four core characters to use all the time throughout the game. And, a game with more playable characters may be more attractive.

4、Excellent character design

Genshin Impact's unique character design is very unique in its own way, and for some beginners, it will be easy to recognize the individual characters. However, in other games there are often characters that are difficult to distinguish, which becomes a big problem for beginners. Not so with Genshin Impact, however, where all playable characters have a unique appearance. Also, the unique character designs add more personality to the individual characters. For example: Xiangling's design is completely different from Lisa's. They are further shown through animation. In the earlier example, Xiangling in the idle animation playing the game with Kokuba is very different from Lisa in playing with flowers, which further demonstrates their uniqueness as characters.

5. It is a free play mode

You don't have to pay anything to shine in Genshin Impact. And, for a F2P game, it's especially outstanding, with beautiful music and constantly updated versions that add new ways to enjoy Genshin Impact. Some of the top games, more or less, come with some sort of payment, so that players interested in the game will have to pay a significant amount of money. In contrast, Genshin Impact can be downloaded without spending a dime. While players can spend more money on the game, it is optional.

Compared to other F2P games, the overall quality of Genshin Impact is significantly higher than most on the market!


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