Video game reviews: 《Angry Birds》

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《Angry Birds》 it is a casual puzzle video game developed by Rovio. I believe that you are no stranger to Angry Birds, perhaps it is your only childhood memories! The game has been developed over the years with various versions running on various mobile and PC devices, and is considered to be one of the most influential mobile video games. The game entered the public eye in 2009 - on the mobile platform, and became the most trendy and popular game at the time, at the same time, according to it also multiplied a lot of other works, and even made an interesting movie. It can be said to be a very good work, so today we will review it and see why it is so loved by the public.

In terms of gameplay, the background of the game is still the traditional story of "the pig who stole the bird's egg in order to get back at the bird", in which the bird sacrifices itself and uses its body as an offensive weapon, seemingly flying like a bullet to shoot the pig's fortress, and each level of the game requires the elimination of these dreadful pigs. These smug little pigs are usually protected by novel structures made up of some wood, glass, stone, or other materials. You need to use Angry Birds to break through these barriers and destroy the piglets. The game is very simple to play, easy to learn, and most importantly, fun for all ages!

Reasons for choosing this game for review.

The game seized the opportunity of the popularity of capacitive touch screen, and became a phenomenal popular video game, which had a great influence on the design of mobile games afterwards. So it also fully embodies the combination of mobile devices and new game mechanics. And the company that made it: Rovio, jumped from a small, unknown company to fame! The game is simple and not very complicated, and the main reason for choosing it for review is that it is easy to play and has a strong influence and high popularity, making it a very typical representative of a functional mobile game.

The following is a review of the game:

1、Learning ability

In the process of playing, the height and distance of the bird flying out basically conforms to the rules of real-life physics, and the trajectory of the bird ejecting can make the player clearly realize that some very small factors can affect the movement of the object, such as the angle, speed and obstacles in the game. In this way, the game can become a learning tool to understand the parabolic motion, gravity, power and other physics knowledge.

Do not think that the game has minimal impact on learning, in fact, there are many examples of teaching in China and abroad, and also achieved good results. For example, teachers use "Angry Birds" to develop a physics lesson about throwing objects and have students summarize and complete exercises on the subject.

2、Promote cognition

The game can also exercise the cognitive ability of space, for example, the game needs to adjust the height and orientation of the bird flying out through the slingshot, estimate its landing position, etc. These operations can effectively improve the basic cognitive ability.

In the game different colors of birds will provide different effects, so you need to develop the appropriate strategy, single level as little as possible with birds can get a higher score. These require certain mental skills required to be able to do so. Players in the development of the appropriate strategy, regardless of the environment and structure of the piggy, as long as the correct strategy, you will be able to destroy these abominable piggy and continue to break through the level. At the same time you also need to identify and judge the orientation of space, relative position, distance, etc.. All these need to be simulated in the player's own mind, and the game also needs to use surface perception to simulate and predict the effect of the bird's impact in order to plan the angle and strength of the ejection. The practice is continued during the whole process of playing, which can enhance the spatial cognitive ability of the brain.

3、Functional efficiency

The game is simple and easy to use, without some complicated and brain-burning operations, it can present the function of learning knowledge in a short time, but the game is not specifically made for education and needs to be used in conjunction with the actual learning situation. There may be some payment in other versions, which affects the efficiency of its functions! So it is recommended to use it under guidance.


1. The game presents some physics related knowledge, this content teachers can apply to teaching, which is beneficial to the teaching of the subject and also provides students' interest in learning.

2. The game has a great promotion effect on cognition, in which you can not only exercise mental skills and enhance memory, but also promote your knowledge of space.

3. The game is simple, easy to play and suitable for both young and old. Although educational, the game itself is not specifically designed for education, so it needs to be combined with appropriate teaching situations.

4. It can be used as an aid for students learning physics related to parabolas, but it needs to be rationalized!


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