What's the appeal of slither.io?

BY 13 Sep,2022


What's the appeal of slither.io?

  Slither.io is a massively multiplayer online game for the web developed by Steve Howse and released in 2016, and with its simple and addictive gameplay, slither.io hit the top of the App Store free software sales shortly after its release. With its simple and addictive gameplay, slither.io topped the App Store's freeware sales shortly after its release, and the web version was ranked the 250th most viewed website in the world by Alexa in July 2016.

  From the above, we can see that slither.io has definitely captured the hearts of a large number of players, so how did slither.io stand out among the many snake games? To know the answer to this question, we first need to understand the game mechanics of slither.io.

In slither.io, players control a snake-like creature that captures dots of various colors on the map to make it bigger and bigger, with the goal of becoming the biggest snake on the map. There is no doubt that this game mode is similar to most games, but slither.io's gameplay is more than that.

  Throughout the game, in addition to capturing dots, you can also "attack" your opponent to gain more size, which is actually "outsmarting" them. The "attack" mentioned here is actually "outsmarting". Each player-controlled snake will die when its head hits the body of another player's snake, and the snake's body will turn into a large, bright dot at the moment of impact. Such an impact can be a player mistake or a trap that you have designed. The player can use the acceleration button to control the speed of the snake's movement, but acceleration will make the snake's body smaller, and appearing in the path of other players as much as possible during this short acceleration period will increase the probability of impact. Another way is to surround the opponent in the body, so that the opponent can not escape and finally head-on collision with your body. The game is set up with a border, if the player accidentally hit the border, it will disappear directly without leaving a far point. During the game, the top ten players' ranking and score will be displayed in the upper right corner of the screen. slither.io also provides a variety of skins for players to freely customize the appearance of their characters, so that they can identify their snakes at a glance even in a group of snakes.

  As you can see from the above description, slither.io is simple to play and easy to control, not only for players of all ages, but also for those of a certain difficulty level. Even if you are the strongest and biggest player in the game, you can lose to a smaller player in a heartbeat, anything is possible.

  slither.io is a free game and you can enjoy a quality gaming experience without kryptonite. You can use this game on your cell phone, on your tablet, on your computer. slither.io's charm is undefinable and although some people join because of sentimentality, there are still many new players who will remind you of the fervor of your childhood and continue to bring you endless fun.


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