A popular fruit-cutting game around the world!

BY 05 Sep,2022


A popular fruit-cutting game around the world!

  Do you know Fruit Ninja? I believe that most players are familiar with this game, because as early as more than a decade ago, this game has become popular around the world. Fruit Ninja is simple to play, when a variety of fruits appear on the screen, using your fingers instead of a fruit knife, by quickly sliding the screen to cut the fruit, so as to achieve the goal of the game. Formally with this simple game, fruit ninja has been a success, and the popularity has continued to harvest more players. So how does such a simple game attract the global players?

  Fruit Ninja is a casual puzzle game developed by the Australian company Halfbrick Studios and launched in 2010. It's hard to believe that Fruit Ninja started with a development team of just a few people and that the game was inspired by knife commercials. One day, game designer Luke Muscat was watching a kitchen knife commercial and had a series of ideas after seeing fruit being tossed into the air and then sliced with a knife to demonstrate the sharpness of the knife. The commercial certainly planted a seed in Luke Muscat's mind, and after three days of development, Luke Muscat finalized the game's architecture and completed development with his team in just six weeks.

  A touch-based mobile game was born, and with the general environment, Fruit Ninja quickly gained its first players. Although limited by the size of the screen at the time, Fruit Ninja was the ultimate in gaming experience for users, with multiple modes and support for two-player games. So in those days, everyone picked up their cell phones and gathered to play this addictive fruit-cutting game.

  In Fruit Ninja, players play as a ninja who hates fruit and uses a sharp knife to cut through each fruit. Apples, bananas, strawberries, blueberries, watermelons, kiwis and many other fruits will keep appearing on the screen. Before the fruits fall to the ground, sweep across the screen to let the fruits be cut to get points. But it should be noted that there are bombs that appear together with the fruits, and cutting to the bombs will cause the player to lose a certain amount of points. Of course, it is not always dangerous bombs, there will be some special fruits can let players get more points.

  Fruit Ninja uses 2D combined with 3D graphics, so that players can experience a more realistic game, clearly see the juice splash screen, along with the sound of cutting fruit, all of which brings players a better gaming experience. The rich game mode and simple game operation make this game harvest more players' love, it is not limited to age, not limited to time, and does not need to connect to the network, so that players can play anytime and anywhere.

  With the passage of time, Fruit Ninja has also been upgraded and more modes have been introduced, which greatly increased the playability of the game. However, the emergence of more and more excellent games has led to the withdrawal of Fruit Ninja from the ranks of mainstream games. But this does not affect the fact that there are still most players who are big fans of fruit ninja, no matter what this is an arcade game worth trying!


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