LifeAfter! Survive with your teammates in a world full of zombies!

BY 25 May,2021


LifeAfter is a handheld game released by NetEase, while it took the TOP 1 of the global download chart on iOS in November 2018. It can be imagined how popular the game is. The game genre belongs to the multiplayer survival game. The background of the game takes place in the future, although it was in an era of advanced technology and convenient delivery, but even so, the terrible virus seems to have more opportunities to take advantage of, they ravaged countries, human civilization almost destroyed in their hands. In order for everyone to survive in the "dangerous situation", these like-minded friends must unite together to survive in a world where viruses are spreading, infected people are everywhere, resources are limited, and the weather is harsh.

LifeAfter" is the most popular survival game theme nowadays. And its background and story is also simple and clear, about a zombie virus outbreak, and let the world's order and law at the same time fall, the world into a chaos, after several years of time, the world has been abandoned as ruins, and players have to play survivors, in this extremely evil world to survive. Therefore, players in understanding the game's story background will not be confused, can not read, but is a look at it.

The game graphics are made with Unreal Engine 4. So the performance of the game modeling, material texture, grass details, light and shadow effects in the game is also quite excellent. In addition, the game's optimization is also handled quite well. If you have certain requirements for game graphics, then LifeAfter's excellent handheld graphics will not disappoint you.

First of all, the best aspect of this game is that the tutorial mode is really hands-on to teach players how to play the game personally.

The game's prologue will guide players step by step on how to use the game's systems. For example, players are first guided on how to view the game's map, then how to collect resources, then learn about the various weapons and how to make them, etc. So, once players have played the prologue, they will basically have all the information they need to play the game without being overwhelmed.

If you like to play zombie + survival games, then LifeAfter will be very much to your liking. Its game world is very large and there are many areas to explore, such as Autumn Forest, White Tree Heights, Sandstone Castle, Dobe Snow Mountain, etc.. And you can also collect the resources you need in these areas, and at the same time you can also try to find other survivors and listen to their stories. In this game, you can say that you can explore freely from the snowy mountains to the colorful autumn forest.

Although "LifeAfter" is a zombie + survival game, but the zombies (infected) is not your only enemy, because in addition to zombies, there are wild animals and other players will be obstacles to your survival. And the zombies in the game are very vivid and graphic, their attacks are very threatening, and they move very fast. So it is very challenging to kill the zombies, you need to do a good plan. In addition, there are huge mutated monsters in the map waiting for you to challenge or other players will follow you and see the right time to grab your resources, which adds a sense of tension and excitement to the game. Resources are also the most important part of LifeAfter, and they are an important element that depends on your survival in the game. The main supplies players need are mobile stones, wood, iron ore and hemp, which are necessary resources for making weapons and other items and so on. In addition to collecting resources, in the game, players are hungry and have health conditions. So, players need to take in food to make themselves survive.

In the "LifeAfter" game world is full of danger, there are many unknown crises lurking, but the game also has a place where players can temporarily escape from the existential crisis and pressure, so you have a trust. That is to allow players to run a small world! In the game, players will be given a piece of land, and then players can build your home on this piece of land, from the walls to the small furniture can be placed freely, allowing you to build your own haven. In addition, players can also farm your own field, simply to meet your desire to build a house and run a farm. Keep the hope of survival and live with hope!


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