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Fruit Ninja is a casual puzzle game developed by Halfbrick Studios and first launched on mobile devices on April 21, 2010. The game received positive reviews from the industry and consumers, having sold over 3 million units in September 2010 and over 4 million units in December of the same year. in March 2011, the game had sold over 20 million units on all platforms. in May 2012, Fruit Ninja had sold over 300 million units. Some game critics believe that the game's low cost, good gameplay, and addictive gameplay make the game create great value.

There is a widely held saying in the gaming community that a successful game will certainly be very easy to pick up yet hard to really master completely. This saying is especially important for casual games.

Fruit Ninja takes this to the extreme. When the player opens the game, he will naturally want to click on the fruit icon, then he will see the finger traces, so he will naturally adopt the gesture to click on the icon, the game screen is usually designed to be relatively simple, for example, if the game screen of "Fruit Ninja" is played at one tenth of the speed, you will clearly see the direction of the splash of juice after a fruit is cut And how the juice is a little bit disappeared. This feeling can give people stimulation and venting, it is such a detailed reflection of the effect of the player feel cut fruit "very cool".

The background design of the game

The operation of the game is extremely simple, the screen will constantly jump out of a variety of fruits - watermelon, pineapple, kiwi, strawberry, blueberry, banana, pomegranate, popcorn, apple, dragon fruit, etc., the player sees the thrown fruit to see with the finger on the screen to move across, you can be like a ninja warrior painfully cut open the fruit, before they fall Before they fall to quickly cut off all; However, in addition to a lot of thrown fruit, and then the game will be mixed with bombs and other things, once cut to the explosion will be triggered, and touch the bomb game will be over. So players do not touch the bombs when they row the fruit, put the fruit has a large and small, small fruit is not so easy to chop to. Cut different fruits, you will see different colors of bright pulp, and like some fruits with a lot of water, various colors of juice splashed into the mid-air, or splashed into the wall. Then you will find that cutting several fruits in a row will be rewarded, so try to cut as many fruits together as possible, and players will soon know the basic gameplay. But there are still a lot of skills to master in order to get a high score. And this game does not have a unique soundtrack, only the sound of chopping open fruit and the crisp sound of birds.

Fruit scoring criteria

(1) In the case of no combo (i.e., only 1-2 fruits are cut each time), each fruit will be scored 1 point, and dragon fruit will be scored 50 points.

(2) In the case of a combo (cutting 3 or more fruits at the same time), the number of fruits cut will be counted as 2, regardless of the number of consecutive hits. (The score is the same if you slice twice and hit 3, and if you slice once and hit 6).

(3) In the center of the fruit will be cut in the heart of the tip, once +10 points (try to cut the center of the fruit).

(4) The arcade mode will launch a continuous hit extra bonus points, up to 30 points.

Mode classification

Fruit Ninja's single-player game has the most classic three different modes to choose from, and more modes may be introduced as the version is constantly updated.

Classic mode (watermelon icon): In classic mode there is no time limit, fruits and bombs will keep floating on the screen. Players have three chances to miss by not cutting the fruit, but the game will end as soon as the bombs are hit. Every time you accumulate 100 points, you will automatically replenish your previous lost chances. This mode will randomly appear pomegranate (cut to add points, the score depends on the speed of the player cut), dragon fruit (cut can be +50 points) and popcorn (cut +150; 175; 200 points, the score is random).

Time limit mode (icon is apple): also known as time mode or zen mode, timing time is 90 seconds, no bombs, only fruits will keep appearing, players rely on skills to slice as many pieces of fruit as possible, there is a certain chance of popping up from the left and right side of the screen is very difficult to cut novelty fruits.

Arcade mode (icon is banana): In arcade mode, fruits and bombs will appear at the same time, the timing is 1 minute, the purpose of this description is also to get more points, cut to a bomb will not lead to the end of the game but deduct 10 points and reduce the time. There are three different special bananas in this mode - Ice Banana (blue + white freeze banana) can make time pause and significantly slow down the flight of fruits; Double Banana (blue + yellow double banana) can double the score of cutting out in a short time; Frenzy Banana (red + yellow frenzy banana) can make a large number of fruits from the screen Both sides of the screen constantly fly out. In addition, you have to dodge bombs in this mode. You can get extra points for strikes when you have enough combos. And there are bonus points at the end of the game.

Operating Tips

1. Keep your finger in the middle of the screen, where most of the fruits can rise to the top, and keep your finger here to cut more straightly and continuously.

2. If you see a bomb mixed in the middle of the fruit, be sure to wait until the bomb drops and separates before cutting.

3. It is recommended to cut horizontally rather than vertically, because the phone screen is horizontal, most fruits are round, and most of them are arranged in groups from left to right. Arc cutting tends to cut to more fruits, can get more combos, but also requires more skills, mastering bad will cut to the bomb and will also be recorded as multiple cuts.

4. Arcade mode can cut multiple bananas at the same time, the effect will not cancel.

5. If a bunch of fruits are thrown up at the same time, cut the smaller fruits first, because they fall faster and need to be cut more accurately.

In the real-life world, you can't see the light and shadow of the sword, but in Fruit Ninja you can create your own different lines of white light or other special effects, how the finger on the screen, there will be how the sword shadow, completely by the player play. Once the light of the knife appears, accompanied by the sound of waving the knife. If the knife is waving in the air, it will make that low sound. And once the game's knife touches the fruit, immediately hear the bursting sound of cutting the fruit, and the sound of juice splashing. Very realistic, very exciting.


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