Toca Life World - a world of games for kids!

BY 29 Aug,2022


Toca Life World - a world of games for kids!

  "Toca Life: World is a new mega app that connects all Toca Life apps into one. The ideal place to create your own worlds and play any story you like." As game designer Peter Carlson says, Toca Life World offers kids a free and open play world where they can use their imagination to create a world of their imagination in a virtual play environment!

  In Toca Life World, there are no fixed game objectives, from moving characters to expanding places, from placing objects to house design, children can move characters and objects in the game according to their own ideas, and even create their own characters and customize the skin and appearance of their characters. In addition the game also provides several places for children to explore freely. Such a free and controllable game design not only increases the playability of the game, but also stimulates children's imagination to a certain extent, thus creating one exciting story after another.

  What's even more special is that Toca Life World connects the Toca Life apps together so that the characters in the game can be shared even in different apps. Like Toca Life World, most of the apps in the Toca Life series come with this feature, and it is this same feature that connects the games in the Toca Life series even more closely. Instead of Toca Life World creating a world of games for kids, Toca Life is truly a world for kids.

  When most parents choose a kids app, safety is one of the important reasons to choose, and Toca Life World really delivers on that. The game is completely designed with kids in mind, even the characters in the game are designed by kids. There are no third-party ads or any bad guidance, creating a safe platform for kids and more peace of mind for parents.

  It is undeniable that the power of the game is huge. In such a safe and free play environment, we encourage children to use their imagination and explore new and unknown things. It's a long and refreshing process, and one that allows children to grow slowly, and we believe that every child can find their place in Toca Life World and become whatever they want to be!

  The story continues, and not only in Toca Life World, but all the games in the Toca Life series are worth trying, such as Toca Hair Salon, Toca Mystery House, Toca Kitchen and many more, each one is a great, kid's game!


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