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BMeteo, the app with the most accurate and reliable weather forecasts, with an innovative picture reporting system. Available for smartphones and tablets, join the new app for free and discover the many new features! Updated and modern graphics, charts and graphs that will help you better understand the weather in your location, and especially the brand new photo report: now you can report the weather in your city via photos! You can report the weather via photos. Then the unchanging power of 3bmeteo: reliable and accurate weather forecasts, constantly updated for the first 24 hours, thanks to Nowcasting technology that uses real weather data, satellite images, radar and lightning, allowing you to get a very reliable forecast for the next few hours, even in very small areas. The forecasts are not automatic but are made by a staff of more than 20 meteorologists who work 365 days a year to provide the best possible service to each of the "experts" in the area, which elaborates the forecasts. Among the many features are also live news, news articles and scientific and environmental curiosities, videos by our editorial staff of meteorologists and a large community of users! For locations, you can't miss the automatic localisation; you'll know what weather will automatically be in the "preferred" area of your choice. You don't have to select them every time, your smartphone will know where you are, but most importantly the exact weather in that place! And there's no upper limit to the number of places you like, you have a huge choice. In detail, what do you get? An indication of the average weather for the day, synthetic forecasts for the night, morning, afternoon and evening, detailed hourly forecasts, monitoring of the sea and wind, analysis of the atmospheric medium and all possible and desirable parameters. We also offer you a new graphic interface with clear symbology, complete with weather and climate details. We also offer you the possibility to view live images from webcams throughout the database; or you can join the 3BMeteo community where you can share your photos and videos with other users or simply report on the weather conditions in your area. If all this is not enough for you, here are 3B Weather widgets that will make your relationship with weather information easier, faster and more useful. There are 3 widgets to choose from, one of which shows the weather for the next 5 days; within them you can also decide whether to show the forecast for the last location visited or the context related to your location. Reliable forecasts require confirmation and interpretation: with this application you can not only constantly check for any important changes in progress, but also receive push notifications of alerts and read in-depth information from our experts. Weather Magazine is a real conservatory of essential information to understand the weather, written in a simple, clear and charming language, like a graphic interface, very intuitive as well as easy to use, even for the less technically inclined. If Italy is too small for you, don't worry: 3bmeteo also gives you weather forecasts for the whole world! In fact, even abroad you can get weather information, automatic management and weather forecasts for up to 7 days. 3BMeteo is also available in English, Spanish, French and German!


How to play

Turn on your GPS and the system will locate your city and show you the local weather forecast for the next few days. No need to locate every time, your smartphone will know your location and give you the exact weather! Watch live images from the webcam, or you can join this large community to share your photos and videos or just report on the weather conditions in your area.

3BMeteo constantly checks for any significant changes, with the option to receive climate alerts and insights via push notifications. The weather log is full of essential information written in a simple language with a clear and intuitive graphical interface that is very intuitive and easy to use to understand the weather.

If one area is too small for you, don't worry: 3bmeteo will also provide forecasts for the whole world! In fact, you can get weather forecasts for the whole world with automatic control and up to 7 days.


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