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Developed by Valve Corporation, Steam is a software distribution platform which enables video game developers to upload their games to Valve, which can be joined by users for free. Those games can be updated with bug fixes and new additions automatically once users have joined them. There will be a sizable library which allows users to join games and supports gaming and streaming functionally. Steam also gives users access to the custom recommendation system according to the daily genre joins. Steam is available on both iOS and Android systems. Steam Features: ● Have a chat with your friends on Steam ● Steam Guard Mobile Authenticator will make your account secure ● With the favorite groups and games, you can keep up with the latest news ● Enjoy the posts and screenshots of your friends and also the great content from the Steam community ● Join and install games to your computer at home remotely ● The Trade and Market Confirmations will make your account safe You can take part in the Steam Community wherever you are with the Steam app. Browse user profiles and community groups freely. Meanwhile, you can also keep up with the latest news of games.



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