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    March 19, 2021

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This weather app is one of the best free weather apps with the following features: local weather, weather map (weather map service) and weather widgets.

Forecast: now forecast, hourly forecast and daily forecast app

Widgets for Android: Weather radar widget for free, clock widget weather with beautiful style.

Weather maps, weather radar maps: Free native weather radar app with many radar ranges: rain/snow, temperature, pressure, high winds, clouds, humidity, waves, ... and storm radar.

It is easy to receive the weather conditions for your current location.

The weather forecast app provides detailed local weather forecasts and weather forecasts for all over the world. The app provides current temperatures in Celsius and Fahrenheit, sunrise and sunset times according to city time zones.

In addition to the next ten days and hourly weather forecasts, the weather app also provides atmospheric pressure, weather conditions, visibility distances, relative humidity, precipitation in different units, dew point, wind speed and wind direction.

Real time temperature, humidity, pressure and wind direction are all based on the weather app.


How to play

-Weather channels: temperature, wind, air insolation, humidity, dew point, precipitation, visibility, barometric pressure, water, sunrise and sunset, storms, windshields, rain alerts in a humid application

Hourly or daily forecasts: 7-day information, current weather, hourly free weather, today's weather, tomorrow's weather

-Animated weather conditions with live background images

-Hourly and weekly weather forecasts, especially hourly weather items for the next 7 days

-World weather forecast: we offer worldwide weather forecasts

-Weather alerts: we provide 3 local weather alerts per day

-No GPS: this is not a problem, the app can detect the network location, but it is not very accurate, but in some cases it is OK

-Storm warnings and notifications: Storm radar, storm tracker, tornado warnings and rainfall alerts -Rainfall radar

-Reports: Weather news can be displayed daily if enabled.

-Sunrise time, sunset time and time on the water

-Temperature converter: switch freely between Celsius and Fahrenheit, automatically detecting whether Celsius or Fahrenheit should be used as the default setting for your country/region.

-Wind speed and direction in different units

-Wind Master tool: weather forecast by anemometer, wind gauge

-1 day, 7 day future weather forecast and accurate el tiempo, as well as hourly weather speed data for the future

-Weather widget (weather on the home screen) and continuous notifications with forecast bar, several placed on the widget.

-Even if the app is underground

Automatic reloading of data for notifications even if the app is underground -Weather notification bar: running weather underground in real time, view temperatures on the android system bar without opening the app

-Information lock screen: temperature, rain, clouds and clock widget weather

-Track if in multiple locations

-Appears as rain, moon phrases, lunar cycles

Possibilities -Powerful radar with animated maps


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