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As a freeware web browser developed by Google, Google Chrome is also the most popular browser for smartphones. With Chrome Browser app installed on tablets and mobile phones, you can quickly surf the Internet the way you do on the desktop. As one of the newest web browsers, Chrome Browser never stagnates on the way of pursuing ever greater perfection. Along with its success on the computer version, Chrome for mobile now has a fast and streamlined interface with easy navigation, voice search, excellent tab implementation, and more. What's even better is that you can instantly sync all the data between any platforms and devices. Chrome is allowing users to collapse and expand their tab groups to keep their screen organized. The QR code feature will help the users generate QR codes from free text, URLs on the fly with the highest-rated QR code Generator available on desktop. Chrome is beginning adding “fast page” labels to pages that meet Google’s standards of high-quality content. The labels will be based on “page load time, responsiveness, and how stable content is while it loads”. In the beta version of Chrome 85, if you long-press a link before visiting a page, you will be able to see whether the page meets standards or not with the “fast page” label. Features: Functional bookmarks bar: Bookmarks bar can be organized into different categories and users can name all categories totally. For those who need to look up for different websites covering wide ranges regularly, bookmarks bar will really help you out. Once you sign in as a Chrome browser user, it will autofill forms like city, state, and code. It's also capable of retrieving your saved passwords if you need them.< Customizable settings: After you sign in, try customizable settings to make the browser all yours. Users are allowed to add extensions, apps, and change themes from the web store. Faster browsing experience: To tune in the always pacing up world rhythm, Chrome manages to break through the limits and level up its speed. With Chrome Browser, you can search, navigate, launch, load pages, run applications at a lightning-fast speed. Simple user interface: Chrome aims to make every function as simple as possible, so all of your energy can be entirely put into the real important thing - the information you are browsing for. Chrome believes that users shouldn't have to decide whether he is going to search for pages or type the sites. Therefore, Chrome has only one Omnibox both for search the webpages and navigate to websites. What's more, with its built-in PDF viewer, useful tabs function, starting where you left off, online surfing just comes easier. Security and Privacy: Personal information emitting can very disturbing and dangerous. To prevent users from this kind of threat, Chrome will warn you whenever you come across a site with possible malware or phishing hiding. The sandbox will keep your computer away from malware installing. Chrome also adopts incognito mode, privacy preferences, and clearing data to protect your private information. All your secrets are safe with the Chrome Browser.


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The Google app keeps you up to date on the status of everything you're interested in.

Once you Join it, it starts up pretty quickly, loads pages pretty quickly, and you'll be able to everything you want to know about. It's a "second desktop" that connects users to thousands of applications, sites and services. Optimizing your browser configuration can greatly improve your productivity. If some article interests you then you can put it in your favorites so that you can access it whenever you want and prevent it from getting lost. Anyway, it's also got a lot of shortcuts. Want to open a new tab in the background without leaving the existing page, so you don't interrupt your current work? Hold down the Ctrl key or Cmd and click on it. If you want to open a link in a brand new window, then press Shift. (This action will work in most situations where you use Chrome, including the History page and the Back button to drop down the History list.

 Maybe you know you can scroll down a full page length by pressing the spacebar, but this shortcut has another function: if you hold down Shift and the spacebar, it will do the opposite - scroll up a full page length.

Accidentally close a tab, press Ctrl or Cmd+Shift+T, and Chrome will reopen the tab you recently closed as if nothing had happened. Save links with one click: You just hold down the left mouse button, click on the link you need and drag the link to Chrome's bookmarks bar. Put it where you want it and it will be there the next time you need it.


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