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It may be a battle between yourself and yourself, as we know that most people find it difficult to restrain themselves and go through a series of preconceived plans for weight loss, running, stretching and so on.We waste too much energy on this, listed as dieting to lose weight, spending financial resources to attend seminars, and maybe sometimes you get some good methods but you don't actually make much progress and it's always the opposite of what you want. When you think about it, we may lack some patience, confidence and resilience and this app can go a long way to helping you make progress! All you need to do is complete the programme on this app, which allows you to gradually develop into a person who can achieve your goals by developing these character traits for success. A good habit takes time and dedication, and over the course of 75 uninterrupted days, trust that you can do better!

75 Hard is a beneficial program both in terms of health and in terms of broadening your horizons, but be aware that the program "you should consult a physician or other health care professional before you begin". It is also not a weight loss programme, but a mental toughness programme.


How to play

To use this program, I am sure you are prepared to follow the following rules for a period of 75 days.

1. perform two 45-minute workouts per day, one of which must be outside

2. follow a healthy diet with zero alcohol or cheat days

3. Take a picture of progress every day

4. drink one gallon of water per day

5. Read a non-fiction book 10 pages a day

6. If you fail, you must start over on the first day

It doesn't seem too hard, but perhaps sticking to it is not easy, in fact, it may be the hardest thing you've ever done. In use, you can track daily progress, set custom reminders for daily tasks, take and view pictures of your daily progress, share your progress to your Instagram story, and save daily journal notes.

If you're feeling a bit hard to keep going on your own, then call up your friends and use 75 Hard so you can monitor each other's progress!


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