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Avrora is the perfect sleep solution for those who want to fall asleep easily and wake up energised with the help of special breathing techniques, meditation sessions, calming sounds and refreshing ringtones.

Avrora is based on the only effective drug-free option for sleep problems. Unlike sleeping pills, it helps to eliminate the underlying causes of sleep problems and develop better sleep habits.

Ask yourself the following questions.

do you have trouble falling asleep or falling asleep?

Do you wake up feeling tired in the morning?

Do you concentrate during the day?

Are you struggling to stay organised?

Do you feel so tired that all you can think about is sleep?

If you answered yes to any of the following questions, then you could definitely benefit from using Avrora to improve your sleep and sense of well-being. Join Avrora and enjoy your perfect sleep experience.


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Calm deep breathing leads to a dominant inhibitory effect on the central nervous system. It regulates stress and heartbeat and focuses attention on the breath, thus distracting from unwanted thoughts. Deep and controlled breathing is evolutionarily linked to feelings of rest and relaxation. In addition, soothing sounds provide the opportunity for relaxation and access to positive emotions, effectively reducing the likelihood of arousal before falling asleep.

Sleep retention.

Breathing techniques allow for a more reliable replacement of waking rhythms (alpha and beta waves) with low-amplitude sleep waves (theta and delta waves), resulting in a more sustained sleep. Meditation sessions promote deep relaxation, allowing the body to fall asleep deeply and durably. Pre-bedtime meditation qualitatively improves the most vulnerable REM stage so that you can complete a full sleep cycle and feel energised in the morning.


After a good deep sleep, your body is restored and ready to function at full capacity. The smart alarm analyses your sleep schedule and gently wakes you up from the lightest stage of your sleep cycle. A pleasant alarm melody allows you to wake up gently, gradually and stress-free. It is important to keep your mood and thoughts positive in the first minutes of the day.


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