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Whether you're looking for your next favorite artist or just outside your musical comfort zone, scroll and click to wait for discovery. From personalized playlists to broadcasts just for you.

Spotify is the best way to listen to music and podcasts on your phone or tablet.

One of Spotify's most powerful features is its recommendation system, which allows you to find great songs you haven't heard yet. A way to help you discover new music on the popular media service.

Spotify's discovery features include personalized playlists (such as "Discover Weekly" and "Release Radar"), suggestions for adding songs to existing playlists, and radio stations for existing tracks, artists and albums. These will suggest changes in your preferences based on your listening habits or the dynamics of the selected songs.

The most direct way to discover music on Spotify is through the highly personalized "Discover Weekly" playlist. At the beginning of each week, you'll get a playlist of 30 tracks that you've never listened to on the platform. These tracks are selected based on the music you've been listening to over the past week and are customized for each user.

When listening to Discover Weekly, you can add your favorite tracks to your library by clicking the heart button next to the track. You can also follow your own playlist to access it whenever you want, or set the toggle switch to "Join" so you can listen offline on your device after refreshing it.

And "Publish Radar" is a dynamic playlist similar to "Discover Weekly" that populates itself based on your listening habits and music library.

Another great way to discover new music with Spotify's "Radio" is to use Spotify's radio feature. It allows you to select any song, album or artist and generates a series of tracks in a similar genre, theme or subject matter that you can listen to for hours on end.

You can find the radio through the additional options button for each song, album or artist. While playing a radio broadcast, you can save favorite songs by pressing the heart button next to each track.

Search for any track, artist or album, then listen for free. Make and share playlists. Build your biggest, best music collection.


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When you want to relax and unwind you can listen to more of your favorite songs and build your biggest and best music collection.

Get inspiration for almost everything in this app from personal suggestions and ready-made playlists.

Spotify also offers thousands of Podcasts, including original shows you won't find anywhere else.

The Spotify app for Apple Watch lets you stream Spotify directly from your wrist (requires Spotify Premium and Apple Watch Series 3 or later), use your voice to control Siri playback, and

Play any artist, album or playlist in random play mode.

-Play any song anywhere, anytime on any device: mobile, tablet or computer.

-Listen offline for better sound quality. -Enjoy music without ads.


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