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Does your phone need an ad-blocking application to help you block some of those headache-inducing ads? Are you still annoyed by the ads and banners on web pages that take up more loading time than anything else? AdBlock is a good choice, AdBlock is the best ad blocker and one of the most popular Chrome extensions that can help block on YouTube, Facebook, Twitch and other sites you love ads and pop-ups. It will allow you to block ads on your iOS device. Get rid of 99% of annoying pop-ups, banners and video ads. Protect your privacy, limit bandwidth usage, speed up your device, and also save battery and greatly improve your daily iOS experience. Improve your privacy protection by blocking a lot of third-party tracking codes. It has a unique feature that helps you block malicious ads with malware, fraudulent content and cryptocurrency mining codes, so you can browse safely

☆ Block pop-ups, ads and annoying banners on YouTube, Facebook, Twitch and all your favorite sites (even video ads can be removed!) You can also shorten the load time of your pages so you can enjoy a smoother web experience; customize your experience with blocking rules, permission lists, dark mode and other colorful themes; backup and sync your permission lists and custom ad blocking rules in your Chrome profile; you can replace some ads with cats and dogs and scenic images to enjoy custom ad blocking! Enjoy custom ad blocking.


How to play

When browsing the web everyday, we always encounter a lot of ads, so is there any way to block these ads? Adblock is a browser extension whose main purpose is to filter all those annoying ads that affect the browsing experience.

First of all, Join the application to your phone, enter the application and find the settings function, enter the Adblock configuration page, we can turn off disable other tracking, turn off allowable ads inside the general settings, and drop down the bottom of the page to set the language.

you can whitelist the settings page, if we allow some URLs can push ads, you can enter the input box to specify the URL of that webpage, the plugin will not block the ad push of that webpage.

In the advanced settings, we can mainly set the "number of blocked ads to display", display the effective notification, click ✔ to open the function, in addition, you can view the filter list at the bottom of the page.

After setting, you won't see any ads appear on your phone screen.


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