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    April 12, 2021/April 15, 2021

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    runtastic GmbH
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adidas is a German sports goods manufacturer and a member of adidas AG. Named after its founder Adolf Dassler, adidas' apparel and sneaker designs can usually be seen with three straight interlinear bars, which can also be seen on its logo.

The adidas culture is driven by our motto ``through sport, we have the power to change lives'' with a passion for sport and our brand. We have a culture of success. But strength alone is not enough to achieve victory. Just like athletes, our employees need mental strength in the game. We want to develop the mindset of our athletes through a set of behaviors that we see in our employees, confidence that enables athletes to make quick decisions on the field to reach higher goals. For us at Adidas, confidence means admitting that we don't have all the answers.

Being the best sports company in the world requires creativity. No great athlete can succeed by copying the training programs and strategies of their predecessors. That's the adidas culture on display!

adidas has launched a new mobile app called "Adidas Confirmed" that allows shoppers to reserve highly anticipated sneakers at a store near them. The app uses location-based technology to locate nearby stores and can also send notifications when shoes are confirmed. This will be the only way to get access to the new Kanye West-designed shoes. According to GPShopper New York, which is working on the app, Adidas has confirmed that it has helped solve a big problem where people have bought inventory through an online tool called bot. Sneaker culture is frenzied and


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In-depth editorial CONFIRMED will host original editorials that explore the adidas world in greater depth than ever before. From exclusive interviews with emerging taste makers to insights from the archives, the platform will give insiders access to the creative vision behind the latest sneakers, apparel and stories from the adidas community.

Exclusive collections and collaborations, key celebrity interviews and insights into the brand's archives are showcased. The app is also dedicated to "storytelling", says adidas. 


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