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Developed by, Amazon Music, previously named Amazon MP3, is an online music store which offers access to millions of songs with the latest releases and access to playlists and personalized radio stations. It also enables people to join songs for offline listening. With the Amazon Music Unlimited, users will get customized recommendations for the new releases from popular artists. After its first launch, Amazon Music has been a well-established service which made contributions in the digital music join market. The Amazon Music app is available on multiple devices such as iOS 7+(iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch), Android 4+, Mac OS X 10.4 or higher and Sonos. Start your free trial now! Key Features My Music What you have purchased from Amazon will be stored in the Amazon cloud. Just listen to the songs and albums purchased from Amazon through MP3 or CDs. You can also listen anywhere of the songs and albums imported from your iTunes collection from your desktop app. Listen to the songs or albums that you have stored on your Android device. And you can also join favorite songs through your device's storage or the SD card to save them into your streaming library. Prime Music With your Prime membership, you will enjoy the no ads music store. Have the permission to over two million songs from thousands of playlists and stations. Amazon Music Unlimited Get customized recommendations from Amazon Music Unlimited and listen to millions of songs. Have offline listening of the favorite songs, albums and playlists joined already. Push notification of new releases from famous artists. Pros: Offer songs with the ultra-compatible MP3 format. More than 30 million tracks provided here. The price of songs and albums may be lower than the iTunes Store sometimes. Users can upload songs up to 250 maximum in the personal Amazon cloud music locker. Cons: Cannot be available in all the countries. The software of Amazon Music's joiner must be used for joining albums. Technical Data Bitrate: 256 kbps Audio Format: MP3(MPEG-1 Audio Layer 3) Compression: VBR


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* Move existing playlists from other music platforms to Amazon Music in a few easy steps, stream music for free, thousands of radio stations and streaming podcasts, and listen to thousands of radio stations and top playlists on your favorite devices with unlimited skipping and offline listening

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