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    January 24, 2021

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Launched by Mobile Manager, APK Installer is designed to make it easy and quick for users to install APK files on the micro SD card used in Android device. Also, the app gives users full control to manage, email, copy, delete or install the APK files and browse the folders. Users can install an apk file by just searching for it in the app. Apk Installer is a free application available on the Google Play Store. Although installing applications straightforward from Google Play Store is fast and secure, not all the application we need can be found on the Google Play Store. APK Installer fills the gap. Features 

 App Installer & Uninstaller - Batch install APK files or uninstall unwanted apps easily.

 Create Shortcut - Set shortcuts for any application you want and put them on your home screens for quick access. 

 App Backup & Update- Backup APK files to SD card, update to the latest version of your installed apps. 

 Share App- Share favorite app with your friends easily. 

 Security Scanner - Using Analytics Add-ons Detector and APK Signature Verification to protect your system away from potential danger. 

Cache Cleaner - Clean up app cache quickly by a single tap 

 View App Information - Users can see the Package Name, APK files location and installation date, Permission and other information about the app. Note Joining apps from Google Play Store is the safest option for Android users, but some apps we need are not available on Google Play Store for some reasons. Joining apps from a random website can be insecure, with APK Installer, users can have a greater degree of security when joining apps from third-party sources.


How to play

Installing apk files in bulk with oneClick

-Display the correct apk file

-Scanning APK files from external storage and SD card

-Display total apk files

-Batch delete apk files from external storage and SD card

-Search for APK files

-APK file installation status


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