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It's really hard to live a life centred on God and His Word. That's why the free YouVersion Bible software gives you the tools to help you seek God's heart every day: listen to audio Bibles, create prayer lists, study the Bible with friends, explore over 2,000 Bible translations, and more. More than 400 million devices worldwide now have Bible software installed!

Access everything when connected or join specific translations for offline use; create prayer lists for purposeful prayer; add highlights, bookmarks, badges and notes to personalise your Bible.

Read, study and share with friends; have honest conversations around your faith; grow with friends in the Lord and share your discoveries together; create scripture images you can share and add scripture to your photos.


How to play

- Using prayer cards to keep track of your prayers in the Bible software.

- Easy tidying of prayer lists.

- Choose to keep your prayers private or share them with friends.

- Celebrate with your friends in the Bible app when your prayers are heard.

- Scripture pictures: create beautiful pictures with the verses.

- Highlighting: choose custom colours.

- Bookmarks: recite and find your favourite verses.

- Notes: "private" - for your own viewing only, "public" - to share with friends.

- sharing scriptures with friends: social media, email, SMS, etc.

- cloud synchronisation: with a free YouVersion account, view notes, highlighting, bookmarks and Bible reading plans on any supported device.

- Easy reading: adjust font, font size and spacing and even read in low brightness mode.

- Experience Bible software in no less than 65 languages.

- Switch freely between more than 2000 Bible translations in over 1300 languages.

- Popular translations in simplified Chinese: CUNPSS (New Punctuation and Harmony), RCUVSS (Revised Version of the Harmonized Version), CCB (Revised Contemporary Translation), CNVS (New Translation), CSBS (Chinese Standard Translation), etc.

- Offline Bible: the Bible can still be read without an Internet connection (specific translations only).

- Audio Bible: audio readings are available for specific translations (not Joinable).

- Scripture Today widget.

- Bible reading programmes: thousands of devotionals and Bible reading programmes.

- Reading selected passages of Scripture or searching for specific topics.

- Reading through the Bible in one year.

- Video: watch the film Jesus.

- Using the Bible as the centre of your communication with friends in Bible software.

- Home: see which verses your friends have bookmarked or highlighted.

- Comments: exchange ideas with friends who are reading the Bible together.

- Share ideas and ask questions.


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