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BuzzFeed, a place where you can find anything: daily news, various stories, interesting quizzes and answers, cooking recipes and tips towards life and journey. Users can use the side menu to look up separate topics like Food, News, Animals, Celebrates, DIY, Cooking, and more. Buzzfeed is accurately informative and entertaining. It’s a beautiful app to catch up the latest news as well as find out funny quizzes. You can share the stories with Messages, Emails, Facebook, Twitter, and more social media. Fun, informative and easy to use are the essential characters of this app, never mention its sharp humor inside. It’s never boring with BuzzFeed. Management and Development The content management system has become the core competitiveness of BuzzFeed. BuzzFeed redesigns, manages and upgrades the system to encourage readers to share on the social network. Operating Model All the income of BuzzFeed comes from the content publishing of the brand. In this model of advertisement, the narrative ads created by the company can be fully integrated into the publisher, and share the same fundamental harmonic to aesthetics. Content Features Peretti said that the key to success in the internet field is to carry out the Big Seed Marketing, optimize the Viral Lift, use the Mullet Strategy and cater to the Bored at Work Network needs. Features Stay informed with a variety of the best News, Buzz. Share images and videos from the stories to friends. Users can also comment on the posts to share their opinion. Users can dive into individual topics including Quizzes, Food and so on on the side menu. Share the interesting stories with Facebook, Email, Twitter and more by one tap.



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BuzzFeed updates its site daily with content from in-house journalists, contributing writers, contributing cartoonists and communities. While BuzzFeed originally specialized in posting "viral content" that attracted a lot of views in a short period of time, according to the New York Times, in 2014 the site began "added more traditional forms of reporting, establishing a profile as a source of breaking news and in-depth articles.

The site's content is divided into 28 sections: News, Topics (Buzz), Life, Entertainment, Quizzes, Videos, Animals, Beauty, Books, Business, Highlights, Celebrities, DIY, Food, Geeky, Gif Feed, Ideas, LGBT, Music, Parenting, Recap, Sports, Style, Technology, Travel, Weekend and World. So you can find anything about what you want to know on there. Just enter your question for information.

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