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    15 April 2021

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Updated application for search and payment of parking in Moscow.

The application allows:

- find parking of different types

- get additional information about parking (name, address, cost, capacity, etc.);

- manage parking (start, extend and end parking session);

- pay for parking;

- replenish personal parking account.The application continues to fill with data

 - your comments and observations can be left in reviews.


How to play

Find your next truck parking spot in seconds. Filter the size of the parking lot, security, comfort and other amenities.

Search by location and destination

With over 36.462 truck stops and parking spaces, you need all the detailed parking information you can get at truck stops, rest areas and parking spaces.

The location and number of parking spaces.

Ratings and comments from other drivers in your language.

Navigation, including breaks and drive times.

Comfort facilities, such as: showers, toilets, hotel, washing machine, WiFi, fitness, etc.

security facilities; entrance gates, fencing, CCTV, floodlights, etc.

type of infrastructure; car wash, petrol station, power supply, etc.

Checking the availability of parking spaces based on reports from other drivers.

Community functions; honking digitally to fellow drivers, checking in at the parking lot and finding your colleagues and friends!


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