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Developed by Piriform, CCleaner is a phone-cleaning app allowing you to remove junk files and browse safely on your Android phone. On mobile devices, CCleaner application is now only available for Android users, and it can be joined from Google Play Store. It also has desktop version for both Windows and Mac. Features Easy to use:  CCleaner has a simple and intuitive user interface making it easy for users to operate. By opening the app, there's a bar chart displaying how much Ram space and Storage space are being used. If you tap the analyze button, then areas including processes, cache, browser history, and joined files will be scanned. After the analyzation is done, CCleaner will give you a list of what can be deleted. You can tick the box in front of each item and tap clean, then the app will complete the cleaning process. Speed up and free up more space: By cleaning all the junk files, cash logs, unwanted items and more, it will free up more space for your phone and speed up your device's performance. Monitor your phone: CCleaner will check the usage of your device's CPU, keep an eye on your RAM storage space. Also, it will pay attention to your battery levels and protect your device from virus attack. About Piriform Piriform develops software and application tools for PC, mobile, and cloud, aiming to protect and optimize your devices efficiently. Besides CCleaner, Piriform also has tools like Defraggler, Speccy, and Recuva.


How to play

CCleaner offers the ability to clean and repair the registry, as well as clean the Recycle Bin, Internet browsing history and the disk, which is very powerful and easy to use.

1, first open the software, the software interface on the left side of the click on the "cleaner", next to a number of options to clean up, we check the items that need to be cleaned up, and then click on the bottom of the interface "analysis" button can quickly scan the selected items for analysis.

2. After the software has analyzed the items that need to be cleaned, the details of the items that need to be cleaned will appear on the right side of the interface, including the name and the space that can be released; we check the items that we want to clean in the list of deleted files, and then click the "Run Cleaner" button at the bottom right corner of the interface to clean up the selected items.

3. You can also find a "Registry" option on the left side of the interface, we click on it, a lot of registry options will appear next to it, we check the registry that needs to be cleaned, and then click the "Scan for problems" button at the bottom of the interface to scan the registry.

After the problem scan, we select the registry that needs to be fixed, and then click the "Fix Selected Problems" button at the bottom right corner of the interface to repair the registry.

5. We can also find the "Tools" option on the left side of the interface, click on the option, next to the uninstall, start, disk analyzer and system restore tool options, we can choose according to their needs, I take the disk analyzer as an example to introduce you to the use of tools.

6. Click "Disk Analyzer", a lot of disk options will appear next to it, we select the file type we need to analyze in the "Type" column, and then select "Drive" in the Then click the "Analyze" button at the bottom of the interface to start scanning and analyzing the problems on the disk.

After the disk analysis is finished, we filter the unwanted junk files according to the categories of pictures, music, videos, etc. at the top of the interface, and check the junk files that need to be deleted in the file list below, then right-click the mouse and select "Delete Selected Files" in the pop-up drop-down box to clean up the unwanted junk files.


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