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Credit Karma offers free credit scores, reports and insights. Get the info you need to take control of your credit. Credit Karma helps you understand your credit to build a financial future. It offers free credit scores, reports and handy financial tools to get you fully access to your credit. Credit Karma is not only a customized marketplace but also a free consumer service center. More than 40 million users use Credit Karma to manage their credit scores, reports and monitoring for free. And if you have some specific needs in financial products, we help you to specialize something useful. Credit Karma provides really useful insights into your credit health. Features FREE Comfortable layout Automatically keep updated your score whenever you make an alteration. Enjoy the service of Equifax credit score. . Offers more consistent monitor function to your credit report. Every factor consisted of your credit report can be looked up carefully Never asks for your credit card information. Useful when dealing with personal financial events. Offer free credit scores and reports basically for free. FAQ What else does Credit Karma provide? A graph showing your credit score over time How your credit score compares to others by age, income and state A credit report card that shows you how certain factors that will impact your credit score Tools to let you simulate how paying down debt or applying for new credit will change your score Access to your free credit report with weekly updates


How to play

First you need to register, fill in your email and password, fill in your personal information (name, address, birthday, last 4 digits of SSN), if you can't verify, you will be prompted to enter all SSN.

Verify your identity through Public Record questions. For example, did you apply for a personal loan in 2015, where is your address in 2016, did you open an xxx bank credit card in 2015? In short, look carefully, those who do not know, boldly choose none of the above on the line.

Audit Defense

Maximum money back guarantee

Accurate calculation guarantee

Error Re-check

Dedicated support

Jumpstart - can import last year's returns from H&R Block, TurboTax or TaxAct


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