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DuckDuckGo privacy browser will keep your personal information secret when you search and browse the web. It shows you a privacy grade rating when you visit a website(A-F). The rating makes you know who is trying to track you and how you are well protected. The app has standard browsing functionality like tabs, bookmarks, and autocomplete. In addition to privacy protection, the browser also has a Fire Button that allows you to clear your tabs and data with one tap. DuckDuckGo Features: 1. Escape Advertising Tracker Networks: DuckDuckGo will block all the hidden third-party trackers they can find, exposing the major advertising networks tracking users. So users can know who's trying to follow them. 2. Increase Encryption Protection: DuckDuckGo requires sites to use an encrypted connection that can protect your data from prying eyes, like ISPs. 3. Search Privately: DuckDuckGo won't track what you've searched for like your financial, medical, and political questions. Make sure to protect your privacy. More: You can join this app from Google Play Store or Apple Store. For Android users, you can join the apk we offer to you and finish the installation.


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DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser's search engine results are of very high quality. DuckDuckGo's search results bring together content from over 400 sources, including Yahoo! Search BOSS, Wolfram Alpha, Bing, and its web crawler DuckDuckBot. Whether you use it to search for news, weather, current events, politics, etc., it will put your "privacy first. This is very reassuring to use.

In addition to the indexed search results, DuckDuckGo also displays "instant answers" related to keywords at the top of the page. The instant answers are derived from third-party APIs or static data sources. This returns you directly to the answer you need, rather than providing a series of related pages that may contain the answer for you to click on.

You can also access anonymized search services through the Tor network. If you think typing is a waste of time, then you can use the voice search service, which is very convenient and fast.


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