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    /November 10, 2020

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Welcome to the all-in-one GPS app! Enjoy a modern, advanced tool beyond the basic GPS cell phone tracker. gps app! allows you to easily share your real-time location or find friends and family by phone number or email address.

When you share your location, the people you share it with can view your real-time location from any web-enabled device without any application or registration!

Share a location or request a friend's location. Share your location with a family member who's always worried, or request a location from a friend who's always late. No matter what, the GPS App! .

Share Location app features.

-Infinite sharing of your real-time location

-Easily find friends and family

-Share your location temporarily or permanently

-Get directions to friends and family

-View past location history

-Monitor battery level, speed and weather conditions

-Receive alerts when friends and family are nearby

-Track lost or stolen phones

-Runs in the background

-Can be used and data anywhere GPS is available


How to play

GPS coordinates: various coordinate formats are supported:.

"Select a location. View its coordinates. Save."

The application not only specifies longitude/latitude, but also supports a variety of coordinate formats and systems such as Universal Transverse Mercator Coordinate System (UTM), Military Grid Reference System (MGRS), World Geographic Reference System (Georef), etc.

Location or physical address selector.

-Select your current location (latitude, longitude) or search for the desired new address.

-Get the actual address

-Save the address to your history

Speedometer and Compass.

GPS Speedometer function can measure car, bike, speed. This is the best GPS speedometer application for vehicle speed measurement.


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