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Fitbit is a new company located in San Francisco in America, which is committed to research, promote the healthy products to change people's lifestyles. Fitbit: Get fit in style. Fitbit app is the official app for activity trackers and more. It works freely with Fitbit activity trackers and smart scales. It helps you manage weight, eat healthy food, sleep well and get yourself active. This application can fit with Fitbit activity trackers and smart scales. The features will be introduced as follows: Use Fitbit to sync wirelessly with Fitbit Surge, Charge, Flex and so on. Track your steps, hikes using GPS. Log activities like yoga to keep you on track. Fitbit Surge will record your heart rate tracking the whole day. Users can also compete with their friends about the daily challenges. Record your calories spent each day. Sales on Holiday Season Don’t hesitate to get a Fitbit Charge 3 on the boxing day sales! You can save up to 32%. The best gift for yourself or your friends and family is a device that can you stay healthy and reach your training goal. Conclusion Why is Fitbit so popular? It can sync the data through connecting with the Bluetooth directly. Its functions are entirely consistent with Android and iOS. It will become your best friend to supervise your health. Come and exercise yourself now!


How to play

Record your activity: Use MobileTrack to accurately record your steps and distance when you have your phone with you. For statistics such as calories burned, active time and sleep throughout the day, pair the app with your Fitbit smart device.

Run smarter: Use MobileRun to record your pace, time and distance to improve your running, walking and hiking results. You can also control music, get voice alerts and use your phone's GPS to map out your run. (Constant GPS use in the background can be a significant power drain.

Record workouts: Use your Fitbit smart device to record workouts, then view statistics, the impact of those activities on your day and how much progress you've made through the app.

Monitor your heart rate: Use your Fitbit smart device with PurePulse™ to analyse heart rate charts in the app. Confirm trends, manage stress and view workout results. See resting heart rate trends to see when your health is improving.

Record your diet faster: Easily record calories using the barcode scanner, calorie estimator, with a diet database of over 350,000 foods. Easily view your diet history and gain insight into nutritional information.

Measure your water intake: Quickly record your water intake to ensure you are properly hydrated during your workout and throughout the day.

Set and manage goals: set weight, nutrition and exercise goals and stay organised with your diet plan. Then view simple, easy-to-understand colour charts to see progress towards your goals at a glance.

See how you're sleeping: Set sleep goals in the app and use your Fitbit smart device to monitor how long you're awake, hard to sleep and sound asleep each night.

Share and compete: Connect with friends and family by sharing stats, sending direct messages, competing on leaderboards or participating in Fitbit challenges.

Stay motivated: When you're close to completing a goal or have already achieved one, your device will pop up a notification to encourage you to keep going.

Sync wirelessly: Fitbit smart devices sync your stats to your computer and more than 200 leading devices, so you can keep track of your progress without having to plug in your device.

Manage your weight: Connect wirelessly to the Aria wireless smart scale to seamlessly record your weight, body mass index, lean body mass and body fat percentage, as well as see how your weight has changed over time.


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