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    May 4, 2021

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Flo is a smart, simple women's menstrual cycle calendar and PMS symptom tracker, an accurate ovulation calculator and a useful pregnancy tracker. The app Flo Period Tracker not only accurately tracks the intensity of your cycle and flow, but is also a sensitive regular and irregular cycle tracker that can reliably try to conceive the app, ovulation calendar and provide you with a real fertility friend. The regular diary accurately predicts the days of menstruation, ovulation and fertilisation. This is the first free period tracker app using machine learning (AI) for Android, a pregnancy calculator, a fertility calendar and an ovulation calendar for women. All women, even those who are not regular, can rely on this health tracker. Keep track of your menstrual days and flow intensity in a handy calendar (menstrual cycle diary), ovulation tracker and fertility calculator.

Want to know when your next cycle is coming? Confused about PMS symptoms? Want to take your contraceptive pill in time? With this free female period tracker, ovulation calculator and fertility calendar, it's easy to keep track of your menstrual cycle.


How to play

- Track your periods and menstrual cycle with the Cycle Calendar

- The cycle calendar can be used to record start dates, end dates and menstrual flow

- Use the ovulation predictor to calculate ovulation, track your fertile window (the day you conceive) and when you ovulate to know your chances of getting pregnant and perform fertility calculations to improve your fertility

- By changing the length of your period, menstruation and luteal phase to suit you, the app can use a unique calculation concept to calculate the fertile period and help you plan your pregnancy

- Use the Fertility Calendar to view the Ovulation Calendar, Ovulation Predictor and Fertility Calculator to track and predict the best day to conceive

- Use the period tracker to analyse your current and past periods

- Predict the timing of your future menstrual periods

- Record ovulation test results (positive results, negative results)

- Track basal body temperature

- Record pregnancy test results (positive results, negative results)

- If you have irregular periods, you can improve your predictions by recording more symptoms


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