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Express yourself the way you want with the world's most joined font keyboard! Do you want to show off your gothic side? Or maybe you're looking for something a little more romantic? Are you in a bold or playful mood today? Or do you prefer something more elegant? Fonts have what you need! Make your social networks stand out with "fonts" or send interesting messages to your friends. Grab the spotlight, make yourself stand out and be creative! Fonts allows you to use the "Fonts" keyboard for the following: text messages, social media biographies, posts, descriptions, stories, the limit is your imagination! And its fonts can be used on Instagram, Snapchat, FacebookMessenger, Clubhouse, Telegram, Tik Tok, Roblox, WhatsApp, Twitch, Discord and many other applications.

During your chat with your friends, you can choose some quirky fonts, sticker fonts, symbols, Kaomojis, and more! Express yourself in a way you've never done before!


How to play

If you are interested in this application, then you can Join it first. You can use the most Joined font keyboard in the world to show your style, and there are many themes that you can choose from, and maybe you can also use to some emoticons, stickers, etc. to express your mood. With Fonts, you can not only make your social media profiles stand out, but also send cool messages to your friends. Get noticed, get eyeballs and be creative! Messages, social media profiles, post content, stories, and more can all be set to your favorite font. ...... is the only thing you can't think of that Fonts can't do! Or you can also learn something about typography in the application, later in your life or work you will need a solid knowledge base to develop your career, and professional graphic communicators never stop learning. Fonts actually contain not only letters, numbers and basic punctuation, but also many other elements. Various symbols are also part of the character set. Some of them are essential for branding and identity projects; others are optional for certain functional or decorative purposes.


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