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If you want to be different in the online world, you must not only write attractive text, but also put more effort on fonts.Fonts Art is a free custom keyboard for Apple that includes a large collection of fonts and stylish special symbols. Make your Instagram snaps, picks and posts unique with our font manager. Surprise your friends with great Snapchat stories and get more likes for your Facebook posts!

Easy-to-use font beautifier, text editor, font converter, symbol keyboard with its own input method - all-in-one font app (no additional fonts to install) . Turn your own whimsical ideas and sayings and mottos that you want to share with your friends into eye-catching and awesome font designs. Use these fonts for Instagram posts and snap templates suitable for photo editing to stand out from the crowd!

Take advantage of the wide range of cool fonts in Font Manager to create eye-catching profiles, captions, layouts, picks and fun headlines for your Instagram account . Grab your friends' attention and attract new followers!


How to play

Fonts Art - Fonts for iPhones allows you to make your text stand out with an English font keyboard. After installing the application, you can directly switch to use it when typing, no need to copy and paste it on the super convenient Oh! It contains nearly 40 kinds of special English fonts, such as typewriter fonts, Outline, mini, cartoon, with circles or boxes, Gothic, upside down or with smiley and crying face symbols, etc., so many that you have difficulty in choosing! In addition to English fonts, there are 5 other cute symbols and small icons that can be switched directly on the keyboard! Almost all of them can be used in various community softwares, so you can switch between them when you don't need them, and then you can return to using your original keyboard.

After Joining and installing, click "Go to settings". Click on "Keyboard". Turn on the switch on the right side of "Fonts", go back to the main program, and if you see the screen as shown on the right, click "X" to close it. Then long press the "Earth" icon in the lower left corner and select "Fonts" to switch the keyboard. Then you can try out various special English fonts and small icons in the main application. When you need it in other applications, just use the same method to switch to Fonts keyboard.


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