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Navigate, track and explore with Gaia GPS. Millions of people around the world use Gaia GPS to hike, hunt, camp, ski and explore remote areas.

Gaia GPS has been recommended in countless publications, including Outside, Backpacker, Trail Runner, The New York Times and many App Store features.

Gaia GPS started as a backpacking app. Join terrain and satellite maps for offline use. Plan trips with smart route tools and measure distance, altitude and elevation changes. View your route with comprehensive backpacking maps, including the latest weather forecast.

Gaia GPS is both a hiking navigation app and a platform for finding hikes to help you discover your next adventure. Use the Discover tab to find hikes and nearby trails, and join maps and hike information to your phone for offline use.

Gaia GPS can help you find campsites on the road or deep in remote areas. As a camping app, Gaia GPS can provide public land data to help you stay legal, maps with campsites, parks and forests, and weather overlays. Mark waypoints to create custom camping maps, as well as reference road maps and Motor Vehicle Use Maps (MVUM) to plot overland, 4x4 and off-road routes. Use Gaia GPS in your car dashboard via Apple CarPlay.

►► Professional Use: Firefighters, Search and Rescue Teams, Land Managers, GIS Technology and Guides Gaia GPS is the preferred navigation app for outdoor professionals. Quickly route to GPS coordinates, map fire boundaries, view the nearest wildfire, and share maps, tracks and waypoints with your team. Wizards can mark routes, campsites and water sources and share hard-to-find methods and pedigrees with clients and other guides.

Apply tilt angle shading and 24, 48 and 72 hour snowfall and precipitation forecast overlays to create custom remote area ski maps, plan trips and scout avalanche terrain in the wilderness skiing and mountaineering.

►► Hunting is driven by the hunters in your group and Gaia GPS has become the top hunting app. Make custom hunting maps that include public land names, private land ownership and state-to-state hunting units.

►►Mountain biking can go faster and farther by mounting Gaia GPS to the handlebars for hands-free navigation. Access maps of mountain biking trails on public and private lands. Gaia GPS is a great MTB app for deep exploration.

►► Fitness StatsLog workout activity with Gaia GPS on Apple Watch and view fitness stats with Apple Health.


How to play

Member Level Free Level - You have access to all features, but cannot bulk Join maps for offline use or access all maps. Free maps include Gaia Topo, Air Quality and Wildfire.

Member Level - As a member, you can Join topographic, road and satellite maps from around the world.

Premium Membership Level - As a premium member, you also have access to the following map sources.

-Illustrated NatGeo Trails (including maps of the Appalachian Trail, Colorado Trail and John Muir Trail)

-ESRI world satellite imagery

-NOAA weather forecasts

-U.S. private land ownership (includes owner's name and parcel address)

-U.S. Hunting Layers

-U.S. public lands (BLM, forests, etc.)

-U.S. Motor Vehicle Use Maps (MVUM)

-Historic hill fires

-Hill shading, contour lines, slope angles and other overlay layers

-Canada Backroads Mapbooks

-France IGN



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