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    April 8, 2021

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Google Search makes it easy for you to use Google's powerful online search engine. Users can use the quick searching tool to find anything on the web and your device. Besides, users can see the real-time weather condition based on their locations. Use your voice to get updates like news, games, sports, broadcasts, even search hands-free. For example, ask Google to do such things: "How to find my way home?" or "What are good shopping malls nearby?" When you say "Ok Google" from any screen and ask anything, Google will answer you with something. And Google will give you the better results when you use it more. Features: Google Now: users can get customized results based on your location. Instantly search the web, phone or tablet, it will provide you real-time information like traffic updates, weather conditions or your favorite sports matches, etc. This smart feature proved to be really useful and helpful in daily life. Provide voice search: users can find quick answers, send emails, get directions, set alarms & reminders, play music & video, and more. Just say "Ok Google" or tap the mic button to launch Google Voice Search. It's especially useful when you're driving or doing something else important in the office. Smart search filter: users can search only for certain results like images, videos, news, maps and more. Google Search makes it easy to search on the web. Users can get personalized feeds and notifications. Join it now and get updates on news, traffic, sports, movies, weather, events and more. Notice that some features of Google Search may not be available in all countries.


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Google crawls billions of Internet pages, so users can get the information they want to search more easily by searching for keywords and other actions. In addition to the most basic text search functions, Google Search also provides at least 22 special functions, such as synonyms, weather forecasts, time zones, stock prices, maps, earthquake data, movie showtimes, airports, sports scores, etc. Google Search has other special functions when searching for information related to numbers: unit conversions, currency conversions, number crunching, package tracking, area codes. area codes. Google also provides language translation for the search page, if you need some language translation, Google is the best choice, it has many languages, including some uncommon small languages, you can do the translation.

Gmail is a free email service developed by Google, you can register your account and sign in, so you can send and receive emails, very convenient. It also has many features, such as: Google Docs, which, unlike Microsoft Word, allows users to create, edit or co-edit documents in an online environment.


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