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Google Chat is a chat application that not only meets your basic needs, but also helps you to do your work easily. Because it's a smart and secure communication and collaboration tool built specifically for teams. You can deliver ad hoc messages in Google Chat or collaborate with the whole team to get your work done.

Google Chat is an upgraded service from Hangouts that meets the requirements of working with multiple people. Google Chat allows group collaboration with Google Workspace content creation and shared materials, and you don't have to worry about permission restrictions. From sharing forms and documents to slideshows, from creating documents to multi-person meetings, Google Chat will provide you with an optimal environment to get your work done with ease and confidence.

In addition, Google Chat has an administrator feature, which means that the person who sets up the chat room can take control of the entire chat room, just like a group leader in a group chat. This allows for better management of not only the work, but also the tasks. From one-on-one chats to group chats, Google Chat always provides a secure environment.

Google Chat is not only for businesses, but also for schools. No multi-person team can do without such a communication and interaction platform where you can start a conversation from anywhere.


Allows group members in different regions to start conversations quickly.

Different conversations occur with multiple groups at the same time and invite Google Chat users to join the conversation.

Group assistance with multiple resources sharing for content interaction.

Security and stability, including data loss protection, safe retention, and more.

You'll need an application like this because it can help you work better, so start experiencing Google Chat now!


How to play

Google Chat exists to provide people with an easy and fast way to work, and after you read the above introduction, you will want to know how to use Google Chat better, now let's learn more about it together.

When you get this application, you need to sign in to your Google Workspace account. If you have used Hangouts, then Google Chat should be familiar to you, because Google Chat is used in the same way as traditional Hangouts, but the difference is that Google Chat adds more shareable content.

When you run Google Chat as a manager, you can add new content to the conversation and let group members discuss a certain document or presentation, so that the relevant members can collaborate and help at any time and anywhere to complete the work tasks better and faster. You can also add a new job to the conversation and assign it to any member of the group. When a new member enters a conversation group, he can see the entire chat log, which ensures that he doesn't miss a single piece of content.

How can I receive accurate and timely messages from the groups I want to control? The answer is to place them at the front of the entire conversation, i.e. in the most prominent position, so that when new messages pop up, you can find them first and focus more on important matters.


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