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Introducing Gosund, LED lighting control at your fingertips. The app not only controls the color temperature and brightness of all lighting devices, but also manages different lighting groups in different areas to make your life smarter.

Integrating R&D, production, sales and service, we focus on providing a series of intelligent electrical products such as smart socket, smart wall plug, smart drain plug and smart switch for global users.

Gosund brand products are suitable for different family life scenarios such as living room, bedroom and kitchen, etc. The brand product categories include smart sockets, smart switches, smart plugs for various countries and regions such as Chinese, American, British, European, British, Japanese and other electrical specifications.

Gosund smart socket has a timing function, users can independently device the time of appliances. For example, when the phone runs out of battery at night, in order to avoid charging the phone all night, you can set the phone timing charging through the phone, by setting the charging time, effectively avoiding the battery not durable and heat caused by charging the phone all night for too long.


How to play

Gosund smart socket supports cell phone APP operation. Users connect their home appliances to the Gosund smart socket and can use the cell phone APP to remotely control the switch of home appliances.

Gosund smart socket is equipped with intelligent scene linkage control function, which can set different modes such as home, sleep and away from home, and automatically perform corresponding operations under the set conditions.

Some of Gosund's smart sockets have a power consumption function, which allows you to track the power consumption of connected devices and view the power consumption of appliances in real time, so that you can know which appliances consume more power, and thus reasonably configure the length of time appliances are used to achieve low power consumption and energy saving.


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