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Infotarga allows you to check the insurance status, data and theft reports of a car, motorbike, moped or truck in real time.Infotarga is incredibly fast and intelligent, the key features are:

★Genius Keyboard intelligent keyboard that automatically changes the type of keys from alphabetic to numeric when necessary, making it much faster to find the number plate.

★Vocal Search allows you to search without using the keyboard, simply by dictating the number plate. It is possible to enter data using spelling by pronouncing individual letters or associating them with city names, for example.

★ Read out by voice by enabling this option infotarga will read out vehicle information for you. 

★Search history now all your searches are saved on the phone, you can also filter searches by certain parameters, eg all stolen cars, or all uninsured cars etc etc etcThe control of stolen plates, stolen cars, car and motorbike insurance check and car and motorbike inspection is made possible thanks to the data of the Ministry of Interior and the various insurance companies on the network.Want to keep updated or discuss new ideas? Join the group on telegram vehicle information is for information purposes only and has no legal value


How to play

Infotarga allows you* to view in real time the insurance status, data and any reports of stolen cars, motorcycles, mopeds and trucks.

Genius Keyboard: The smart keyboard automatically changes the type of key from alphabetic to numeric when necessary, thus making license plate searches faster.

Audible Search: It allows you to search by simply audibly indicating the number plate without using the keypad. Data can be entered by speaking a single letter or associating it with a city name.

Share: Easily share the search results you have just performed on all your favorite platforms (WhatsApp, Telegram, etc.) with the corresponding buttons.

License plate signals

Are you a victim of theft? Enter a bounty on your car to increase the chances of finding it. Did you notice an abandoned car? Enter your report.

Save to Calendar

To not forget deadlines, use the appropriate button to save your search to your calendar after performing it.

Search history

Infotarga automatically saves the searches made and allows you to Join the history and share it on your preferred platform.


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