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    March 9, 2021

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    ING BANK NV, Sucursal en España
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Join the new ING Spain mobile banking application. Carry out your day-to-day operations comfortably from your mobile or tablet: check the balance and movements of your accounts, card expenses, make transfers, deposits, operations with your funds or plans, operate with your broker and discover how to manage your finances. Everything is designed to help you manage your finances in a much simpler way, with more intuitive operations and innovative graphics that will help you better plan your expenses. From now on, entering your bank will become a different experience, try it out and let us know what you think! What can you do with it?  Access your Personal Area to consult data, change your password, view security information, consult certificates - Have an overview of your personal finances through interactive graphs, create budgets and categorize transactions. - Perform all the usual operations in a more intuitive way o Move money to make deposits, transfers, send money to an ATM, operations with your funds and plans. - You will be able to see the latest movements in detail. - Operate and consult information about your cards: block them, consult the pin, activate the coordinates card, modify your limits or request a new card without blocking the previous one. - Consult, cancel and change the charge account of your bills. - You will be able to see an updated summary of the Stock Market, consult your portfolio, buy and sell securities. - Receive information about all our products and contract them.


How to play

You will be able to start managing your money with the simplicity and transparency that you like so much.

Touch ID to access biometrics using your fingerprint.

Fast and secure operation, easily confirm your banking using your mobile verification code

Close and open your card, using your app you can open and close your card at any time

Create your own custom deposit jar to make saving easier If you don't want to spend more than you have in your account, create your own personalized budget. Identify any developments in your account by adding comments or photos. You will be notified of the exact date on which you will receive your mortgage, card fees... If you are considering investing, you will be helped to do so with the help of a digital advisor


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