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As a responsive educational platform, Kahoot! allows users to create and send online surveys and discussions in a competitive game-based environment like a classroom, a conference room or a living room. Kahoot! makes it fun to learn anything in any language for people of different ages! Launched in August 2013 from Norway, Kahoot! now has more than 50 million users in 180 countries. Kahoot!’s does not set an age limit, so anyone with interest in a subject can create Kahoot! Kahoot! is available on smartphones, laptops and desktops. It's particularly popular in classes with "bring your own device" policy trend. Features Create fun games (kahoots) with videos, images, and diagrams included to make it attractive. Sitting together, players answer the questions, quizzes, and surveys on their own devices, while the big screen displays the on-going of the game. Promote discussion and idea-exchanging no matter where the players are. A time-saving way to know more about students' growth patterns or individual problems by accessing game data for all students, so teachers may adjust their learning accordingly. Students may transform from Learner to Leaders when they can create their own games after some time. FAQs Is Kahoot! free? Yes! Kahoot! offers a free learning platform for users to make everyone has the chance to enjoy a better education. Is it good for students? In Kahoot!, teachers will create some quizzes and students will do their best to earn more scores. Students involved in a subject will only see the top achievers so that low-scored students won't feel too bad and other students will not make fun of them. Moreover, Kahoot! opens a window for students to engage and share ideas with their peers from across the globe. Is it good for teachers? Data of students' performance in quizzes can be joined and analyzed in Excel. For teachers, this is a time-saving way to know more about students' growth patterns or individual problems.



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