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LinkedIn, founded in 2002, is committed to providing a communication platform for global professionals to help them find jobs and chat with each other. As the world’s largest professional social website, the member number of LinkedIn has reached more than 300 million; and each ‘Fortune’ Global 500 companies have executives to join in. The site was formally launched on May 5, 2013. The mission of LinkedIn is to connect the world’s professionals to make themselves more effective. And in the long term, they want to build business opportunities for the 3.3 billion labor force in the world. You can find interesting opportunities here and also some charming people and jobs. Find your partners here and make yourself more perfect. Development History In 2002, LinkedIn was released to provide the communication platform to help people find jobs and chat with each other. In 2006, with the online of the public archives, LinkedIn started to build its professional files database. In 2007, Reid invited Dan Nye to manage the company. LinkedIn moved to Stierlin Court and established the customer service center in Omaha. In 2008, LinkedIn became one real international company, which established its first overseas office in London and launched the Spanish and French version of LinkedIn. At the end of 2010, LinkedIn had 90 million registered members and owned one thousand employees in 10 offices around the world. There is a rapid growth for LinkedIn in this year. In 2013, LinkedIn was built for ten years. The registered members had reached 225 million at its tenth anniversary. On 9 April 2015, LinkedIn purchased the online education company for 1.5 billion dollars. The LinkedIn records the profile and the career people have got around the world. What can you do with LinkedIn? Know new friends here and search for jobs and companies. Record your story about your professional profile. The others can see you and your professional profile. You can use the app to update your profile. Get updates from the people, publishers and companies that matter your success.


How to play

Short links. By default, the public links of everyone's profile are very long. But with certain settings, you can get a shortened and good-looking version. To do this, go to edit mode of the profile, then find the public link and click edit on the right side to display the order of the different areas. profile has many different kinds of areas, such as work experience, education history, awards and certificates, etc. Different people and different situations should use different orders. If you are a college student, you may not have much internship experience, so you should put the project section above the school section. If you're looking for a job and have a strong interest, you should put the summary at the top and write something like "I'm a software engineer interested in Machine Learning in small to medium companies in the Bay Area". Photos. It's best to get a professional photographer to take one. If you don't have a professional photo, you can find a more formal photo. But it's best not to put a photo ID, because it's usually hard to read. Multimedia information display. Some areas support the display of multimedia information. For example, you can put a link to your slideshare slides, or a paper or something like that. This way people can click on these contents and have a more profound impact on you. Recommendations. If the work experience can be affirmed by colleagues or superiors, it will make your resume very impressive. Therefore, you can find the relevant at the same time and leadership to write you a recommendation letter after writing the experience. It is recommended that you do not send him a recommendation letter writing invitation directly, but you take the initiative to recommend each other, and then express the hope that he can also write some comments for you.


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