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LinkedIn is a social network for job seekers, professionals and businesses. Build your network, find business contacts, connect with recruiters and use your professional profile as your online resume.

LinkedIn's job search filter helps you narrow down from the millions of jobs posted to the ones that best fit your needs. Use job search alerts to be notified when a new position opens at a company you're interested in, while always staying in touch with a recruiter or employee in your network. Find the right people faster with a comprehensive platform for those who need to constantly search for jobs as well as connect and manage the right talent.

When you enter the network to recommend the companies you want to apply to with references and get your resume noticed. You can also apply anytime, anywhere to save time and be the first application of your dreams.

You can follow companies that interest you and connect with companies that interest you for recommendations and advice

And keep up to date with selected content about your industry.

Find the definitive sourcing tool for interacting with talent and working with your team while recruiting people. Job openings elevate your team's roles to relevant LinkedIn members with targeted recommendations. They are integrated to deliver intelligent results.

You can also network to share articles, comments and knowledge following topic tags to get updates on topics you follow and information about additional job postings or job searches.

Hurry up and use LinkedIn to navigate your career with confidence - whether you want to find a new job or stay connected to industry information you want to follow you can stay up to date.


How to play

Get involved and create your own free LinkedIn account today!

Then job seekers add a profile using your LinkedIn profile as a virtual resume

Highlight your achievements, responsibilities and experience, add images to your resume to help people you know and potential employers find you, upload your resume and easily submit it to the right jobs browse and set up job alerts anytime, anywhere so you can be the first to apply and you can find it in search for millions of job openings, easily apply it to millions of jobs from the app through your resume, check their job updates and stay connected on the app to stay in touch with others!

Find a new job, share your knowledge, or just easily connect with interviewers - LinkedIn is your professional social network.

Corporate headhunting builds your employer profile and puts your company in the limelight with recruitment marketing tools. Because if people don't know your company, they're less likely to apply for your open positions.

Target your company's jobs to the candidates who have the best chance of taking on new opportunities. You'll get a list of the best matches and the tools to manage the best choices for hiring.

Start your job search today with the LinkedIn app, which is free to use and Join.


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