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The competition brings dating up to your level. Because let's face it: you can only do left-right-right thumb gymnastics when you're ready to do more. Backed by 25 years of experience and real-life dating experts, our app gives you the dating intelligence you need to find the information you need - from matches to face-to-face meetings. Did it mention it's free? Now you can chat with your best advice every day, without a subscription. Join the "Match" app for free now and in a few minutes you will be able to match and date better.


How to play

Meet singles nearby and make the most of Match's dating app by

Video chat: Take a break from messaging and really get to know someone. In-app video chat lets you talk in real time and to each other before exchanging numbers or meeting in person.

Customized search: Feeling picky? We speak power to you. When searching for singles, be as specific as possible so you never have to compromise.

Conversation starter: From hot topics to easy icebreakers, our dating app offers more ways to spark meaningful messages.

Virtual and face-to-face events: Go beyond likes and messages. Flirt face-to-face with local singles in a safe, stress-free environment.

Connect with dating experts: From perfecting your profile to helping you determine your first date, our team of experts is here to support you.

Date check-in: Keep friends and family up to date on your next date night by notifying them of your plans directly from the app.

Ready to find the right person for you? We're right there with you.


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