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    13 April 2021

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    Huami Inc.
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Xiaomi Sports provides you with accurate exercise data recording, rich fitness training videos, detailed sleep and exercise analysis. Bundle with more wearable devices to inspire you to fall in love with exercise, enjoy an active and healthy lifestyle and embrace a better you.

- Connect to multiple smart devices

Support smart devices such as Xiaomi Band, Mi Mobile Watch Youth Edition, Xiaomi Body Fat Scale, Xiaomi Weight Scale, AMAZFIT Sports Watch, Mi Mobile Smart Core and smart running shoes.

- Accurate recording of every exercise

Support for running, cycling, walking and a wealth of fitness training content for fat loss, shaping and more.

Access to professional exercise posture and heart rate analysis for each exercise, making exercise more scientific and effective.

visualised body fat curves for more freedom of data.

- A caring sleep butler

In-depth analysis of the various factors affecting sleep quality and suggestions for improvement.

- Comprehensive assessment of body condition

Testing 10 body composition data with the Xiaomi Body Fat Scale to make weight loss more scientific, as well as detecting risks affecting health earlier.

- Rich and personal reminders

Wake yourself up with a silent alarm vibration without disturbing the person on your pillow.

A variety of personal reminders for incoming calls, SMS, WeChat, QQ, emails, etc., so that you don't miss every important message.

Sedentary reminders to keep an eye on your health and stay away from the damage caused by long-term sedentary lifestyle.

- Discover more fun

A selection of events and events to win prizes.

Discover the MiDynamic circle, follow the healthy life of the experts, share my every exercise, you can also be recommended on the home page.

The senior equipment manager of the selected mall will choose the equipment for you, so that more sports equipment can enter your life circle.


How to play

How do I connect my Letscom product to my phone? 

 1.join the Mi Fit app

 2.Launch the app

 3.Search for the bracelet on the app

 4. Connect the watch to your phone

 5. Set your profile Note that the app is already running in the background as it needs to alert the background.

Even if the app is not open, the app may use your location information, which can shorten the battery life of your device.


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