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Developed by Microsoft for multiple systems like Android, iOS, MacOS and Windows, Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet where people can experience calculation, pivot tables, graphing tools and even the macro programming language named Visual Basic for Applications. Being a widely used spreadsheet, Microsoft Excel has been taken advantage of in many platforms. Similar to the Microsoft PowerPoint, Excel also allows you to view, create, edit and share your files with others easily and quickly. What makes it unique is that Excel is frequently used in auditing, accounting, finance or other fields. Excel enable you to display the most complex formulas and incredible features with confidence on the go. Excel Features Create, calculate and analyze: Use Excel's current templates to start your task list, accounting, budget or financial analysis. You can take advantage of formulas to run calculations of all the data contained. Make your workbook easier to use by using formatting options. Review, edit and work wherever you like: With Excel, you can review your files, update your task list and delete your data anywhere from any device. Features like filter and sort columns, duplicate, hide and unhide sheets are attainable here. Use data to tell a story: It brings the data of your files to life by inserting simple charts. Meanwhile, add chart labels to focus your key insights Easily make sharing: Users can invite others to edit, view or leave comments directly in your workbooks with one click of the button. For other sharing options, you can also attach or copy the link to your workbook. 


How to play

Create, calculate and analyse with confidence

Quickly launch budgets, task lists, accounting or financial analysis using Excel's new style templates. Run data calculations and analyse data using familiar formulas. Rich functionality and formatting options make workbooks easier to read and use. All the features, formatting and formulas of the spreadsheet operate in the same way, regardless of the device on which they are used.

View, edit and work anywhere, anytime

View Excel files on any device. Edit data or update task lists from any location. Features such as sorting and filtering columns to help focus on review. Easily create, copy, hide and unhide worksheets.

Tell a story with your data

Insert commonly used charts to bring data to life. Use features such as adding and editing chart labels to highlight key information in your data.

Draw and annotate with inkblots

On touch-enabled devices, use the Draw tab in Excel to take notes, highlight parts of a worksheet, create shapes or write mathematical formulas.

Easy sharing

Share files with a few clicks and quickly invite others to edit, view or comment directly in your workbook. Copy worksheet content in its format directly in the body of an email. Attach or copy a link to a workbook to reveal additional sharing options.


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