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Miracast is a wireless display standard based on Wi-Fi Direct, developed by the Wi-Fi Alliance in 2012. Consumer electronics (also known as 3C devices) that support this standard can share video images wirelessly. For example, cell phones can play videos or photos directly on TVs or other devices through Miracast without any cables or AP (Access Point).


How to play

How to use Miracast?

Click on "Wireless Display" to go to the settings page, at the top of this page, toggle "Wireless Display" to on and it will scan for Miracast devices nearby. After a minute, the name of your Miracast adapter should pop up. Click it and your device will connect, or the Miracast adapter will prompt you to display the PIN code on your TV or projector. After connecting to the adapter, your screen will be mirrored to your display.

* How do I set up my Smart TV?

1. Check that your Smart TV thinks Miracast is an application you can run. Press the menu button on the remote control and select the application for your Smart TV. Look for the "Miracast", "Screen Casting" or "Wi-Fi Casting" app. 2.

Sometimes Miracast is seen as another input rather than an app itself. Select the input or source. Look for "Miracast", "Wi-Fi Casting", or "Screen Casting".

* How do I set up a Miracast dongle?

Plug the dongle or adapter into any open HDMI input port on your TV, projector or monitor, and then plug the small USB cable from the side of the device into your TV or outlet. These USB cables don't actually transmit any data, they just power the adapter. Power on the TV monitor 


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