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When you are going out, you must open your phone to check the weather, which determines your life or work schedule that day, so a good weather app is important for most people, which will help you decide in advance whether to go out with or without an umbrella.My Weather App is a free weather forecast app trusted by more than 5 million Android users, which can provide you with accurate weather forecast for your city and the next 15 days My Weather App is a free weather forecast app trusted by more than 10,000,000 Android users. It will provide you with accurate weather forecast for your city and the next 15 days, so that you can use it at any time to make your life easier and help you have more fun at the same time!

This seemingly simple application will bring unexpected changes to your life. The world's best weather forecast, provided by one of the famous national weather services, delivers you the daily weather forecast accurately and in real time. Based on the weather, you can prepare items such as umbrellas, hats, and sun protection for you and your family to be ready in advance to ensure that going out will not be affected by the weather changes.

You can create a personalized home screen on this app. Choose your favorite city homepage and add each of your favorite cities to find out their real-time weather. Create weather widgets to view weather forecasts more quickly. A private and accurate weather forecast application will be in your hands.


Accurate, real-time and convenient weather forecasts covering every city in the world, available in any country.

Collaboration with one of the leading national weather agencies for accurate weather forecasts up to 15 days.

Customizable home screen, create and configure widgets and freely add city weather information.

Free zooming of 3-hour radar and satellite dynamic maps.

Choose a quality weather forecast program to plan your daily travel schedule and My Weather App will serve you and your family for a long time!



How to play

My Weather App is an application that provides users with weather forecasts, not only for free, but also with a personalization feature that allows users to create a personalized home screen according to their preferences. The app gives you a visual overview of the weather in your city for the next 15 days, and you can add multiple cities by clicking the + button in the bottom right corner, so you can get a clear picture of the weather in your family and friends' area to send timely care and greetings.

My Weather App provides accurate weather forecasts while gaining a lot of love from users with its easy and convenient usage, and also meets the needs of more age groups. You can scroll through the information by swiping vertically, click on the main pictogram to access the UV index and rain and frost probabilities, and when you want to share your observations, photos and real-time advisories, you can click on the eye symbol on the left side of the weather forecast to access participatory observations.

When you want to create a personalized home screen, you can customize the date, home screen graph, alignment display, widgets, and more. Change the date by swiping horizontally or clicking on the rafters, select a time period or click on the date and it will become the main pictogram in the center of the screen. Long press on the tile to move it up or down to change the alignment position. Configure your widget by using the asterisk in the upper right corner to add favorite cities to it.

My Weather App can meet your daily needs as well as bring more of the services you need. You need such an accurate weather forecast app, use My Weather App now to check the weather for tomorrow!

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