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If you want your child to learn more about plants or make yourself aware of the flowers in your home then PictureThis-plant identifiers can help your child learn about plants and flowers in their yard, neighborhood and community. Would you like to learn the names of the wildflowers you see while walking in your family's backyard? Do you see a flower you like in a friend's garden that you want to grow in your own home? Encounter a beautiful, unknown flower while walking? Want to inspire your children to get to know plants? Need advice on how to take care of plants for your kids? Just take a picture of the plant and PictureThis will answer all your questions.

Key features of this app: Instantly identify plants, flowers and trees using artificial intelligence, automatically diagnose plant problems and get treatment advice, and get advice from a botanist in a one-on-one conversation, use our plant guide to help you choose and grow beautiful, healthy plants, take notes, get reminders and keep track of your growing plants, trees and flowers, apps that claim to identify plants are everywhere and this app works great!

The PictureThis-plant identifier shares a lot of important information about plants, which is helpful for education. This app is a valuable tool for kids and adults interested in science, gardening and horticulture, but it has extraneous advertising requirements such as social sharing on Facebook, logging into an account and watching free use of the app. For younger children, a parent would need to accompany them. In addition, there are limited opportunities for users to interact with strangers, considering that there is a community in the application where users can like and comment on pictures. Since you have to subscribe to remove ads and be able to identify more plants, but if you are an avid hiker then you need this app, now it's all at your fingertips. Imagine this plant and discover its new appreciation for nature.


How to play

Use the app to get out and about and get into nature. Consider using the app to educate yourself about the plants around you when you travel. Will the plants you see on vacation survive in your yard? Are they safe to touch, or are they poisonous?

Parents need to know that PictureThis - Plant Identifier allows users to take pictures of real plants and flowers and submit them for identification. The app is a plant encyclopedia that identifies more than 10,000 different types of plants. Users can also learn facts and care information about plants, trees, flowers and shrubs.

This PICTURETHIS - Plant Identifier is a digital plant encyclopedia that identifies flowers, trees, succulents, cacti, mushrooms, herbs, shrubs and grasses. One million different types of plants are included in the application. Allows in-app access to use the camera on the device after finding a plant or flower, placing the camera and then taking a photo. Within seconds, the app will identify the item and share possible similar options for the plant. Descriptions of the plants in the app include interesting facts, scientific classifications, symbolism and more. Maintenance information provides planting difficulty, growing season, soil requirements, watering frequency and other elements. The free version includes an initial number of free pieces of photography. You can upgrade to a paid premium account to get unlimited credit. It' possible to maintain a free account, but you must log in to your account, watch ads or share photos with friends to get more free credits. Photos taken can be posted in the in-app forum, where users can comment on them!


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