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Procreate Pocket is the most versatile digital art app you can get on your iPhone all in one. You can take the super power of sketching, drawing and creating with you wherever you go. It is also designed for professionals, and the tools provided in the app are so complete and powerful that you can say that it can satisfy all your creations, you can create beautiful works, fascinating drawings and some advanced illustrations anytime and anywhere. It also offers a high-resolution canvas, 136 magical brushes, each with over 100 customizable settings, and an advanced layer system so you can easily control the sensitivity of your brushes, whether you're riding the train, lying on the couch, or walking, you can create professional-level work. No matter what you are doing, as long as you suddenly appear inspiration, you can take it out and start creating, everything is under your control, with it will be a lot more efficient, right!

Whether it's colors or fonts, you can easily find them on it; if you process the picture, such as: using blur filter or sharpening, the processed picture can still be presented with perfect clarity, without damaging the quality of the picture at all.

Come on in Procreate Pocket, the color of art passes on!


How to play

Want to get your hands on this artistic and colorful app? If your answer is "YES", then you should first Join and install it on your phone and use the prompts to customize some of the content in the style you like. Add appropriate photos and text, edit the canvas at any time, share your images in various formats, create and export time-lapse videos of your creations, and many more options. You'll be able to do it all in one hand.

You can add the images you want to work with to the canvas, cut, add text, copy and paste, resize and flip the canvas, experience powerful animation assistance or view detailed technical information about your work.

Most excitingly, the app allows you to share your artwork to friends, family and the world in a variety of popular image formats; or export individual layers as PDF files, batch images and playback animations.

And you can also record your artwork in the shortest possible time on video and share it with the world. It's the equivalent of a complete art studio, all under your control. ......


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